Rabat – After completing a joint study with Morocco’s General Secretariat of the Government, the Ministry of Culture is promoting a draft law to significantly bolster the protection and preservation of Morocco’s vast cultural heritage.The broad strategy, according to the study, will constitute a qualitative leap in the protection and advancement of cultural heritage in the kingdom through the strengthening of administrative and technical provisions relating to conservation, preservation, site excavation and development.The Ministry is promising a higher level of consistency in its preservation oversight role. Additionally, the strategy also integrates new internationally recognized concepts of cultural heritage, said the ministry in a statement released by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).The ministry is also emphasizing the importance of decree 2.17.664, which classifies the archaeological site Jebel Irhoud as an official national heritage site. Jebel Irhoud is where archaeologists discovered the oldest remains of Homosapiens in June 2017. The decree gives the ministry significant oversight responsibility to protect the archaeological site as excavation work continues. Research work and experiments at the site now require authorization from the Ministry of Culture and can only be carried out under the supervision of the same department.The ministry statement also noted a draft decree which is currently being developed that would add the Amridil Kasbah located in Ouarzazate to the list of national heritage sites.The decree also seeks to include other sites including Noul Lamta in the rural town of Asrir in Guelmim Province, the Kasbah of Ghalian in Tangier, the archaeological site Zilil in the Had Gharbia commune, the Gulf of Tangier, and the Medina of Taza.The Ministry expects these ambitious new policies for identifying, protecting and promoting these important cultural resources will be a driving force for economic development and cultural appreciation efforts, as well as an essential element of genuine sustainable development. read more