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first_imgThere seems to have been an intergradation between big-boned Neanderthals and modern humans, according to the BBC News.  “Newly identified remains from Vindija in Croatia, which date to between 42,000 and 28,000 years ago, are more delicate than ‘classic’ Neanderthals,” writes Paul Rincon.  Not only that, stone tools found nearby look like those of modern humans.  Some scientists are wondering whether the two varieties of humans were interbreeding in the area.  See also September 23, May 29 and March 27 headlines about Neanderthals.There’s a lot of variability in the human gene pool, and isolated groups are likely to have accentuated features.  Nothing about Neanderthals looks boorish or primitive any more, so it’s time to get off this false concept that has twisted anthropology since the 19th century.  We have modern humans more primitive than Neanderthals today, slamming each other in the WWF (don’t dare call these guys ‘delicate’) and ante-Neanderthal music is all the rage in health clubs.  Would that we all had Neanderthal bones and skulls, so we could get more work done.    The BBC, of course, had to include a shameless plug for their misleading TV series Walking with Cavemen with a photo of a hairy, wild-eyed brute.  It’s the same Victorian wishful thinking (see Dec. 18 headline) that wants to see us superior to our ancestors, king of the hill, when in fact early people probably had better physiques and mental capacities on average than we do now, and fewer genetic diseases, too.  The joke goes back decades that if you put a Neanderthal in a business suit, gave him a haircut and had him walk down the streets of New York, no one would even notice.  They were human, OK?  They were not evolving.  Get over it.(Visited 14 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We have a very active pattern over the state this week, starting today. We have rain and snow from I-70 southward, with the moisture slowly lifting northward through the day. By midday to early afternoon, action should be approaching US 30, and by sunset we should see light precipitation all the way up to US 20. Meanwhile, the rains will continue pretty much all day south of I-70, meaning the heaviest totals will end up down there. Moisture over the southern half of the state will be from .25”-.6” with coverage at 100% of the region, while we expect a few hundredths to .25” between US 20 and I-70 with 75% coverage. By tomorrow morning we have rain over a majority of the state, with only some wet snow in NW Ohio. Even that snow quickly transitions to rain statewide by mid-morning to midday, and then rain continues through sunset. Heavy rains will be working into SW Ohio tomorrow morning and will spread northeast. After sunset tomorrow, we would not be surprised to have rain change back over to snow before ending mid morning Wednesday. Most of the state will see only minor accumulations after that switch over, but in north central and northeast parts of the state, along with east central Ohio, there can be a lot more. All told, we think tomorrow we have potential for half to 1.5” liquid equivalent precipitation totals, and we wont rule out the potential for some localized 2 inch totals for tomorrow. Some of that comes as a coating to 2 inches of snow to start the day in far NW Ohio, and then some more as another coating to 2 inches of snow overnight tomorrow night into early Wednesday. Now, north central, northeast and east central Ohio will see bigger snow potential, with 2-6 inches possible with lake enhancement. Generally speaking, this is most easily summed up as “a mess”. The map at right shows potential cumulative precipitation through Wednesday morning. Flurries and light patchy snow continues for the balance of Wednesday behind this event, although we should see an attempt at some clearing from west to east. Strong NW winds mean we will see a much colder push, and some lower wind chills, but we are not as concerned about cold air now, like we were in our forecasts for this period last week.  Temps likely end up near normal for midweek, and we see partly sunny skies for Thursday. Friday has become much more problematic. We have a significant low moving across the eastern corn belt. Right now, the low looks like it wants to move northeast across Indiana, and really miss us. That would put most of Ohio in the warm sector with moderate to heavy rain potential. We would have to watch the overnight and early Saturday part of the event closely, as the arrival of cold air would allow precipitation to perhaps end as snow. However, right now, the track of the low is very important, and would make all the difference between all rain for us, and something much worse. Right now, we have some concern that Indiana to the west sees Rain, ice (freezing rain) and heavy snow…all three of the biggies!. But, track could easily put us in the firing line too. So, for right now, we are not stepping out in any specific direction on this event. It looks formidable in any form, but what we get and where we get it depends entirely on track, and it is too far out to really get a good idea on that at the moment. Stay tuned! Windy and colder for Friday, so any snow that would fall on Friday would be subject to blowing and drifting through the day Saturday. Temps will be well below normal and we will see wind chills as a problem again. We stay cold for the balance of the weekend through Monday, with partly sunny skies. Some sub zero lows are likely for the morning of Presidents day. Tuesday the 19th we have minor snows moving through, bringing a coating to 2 inches with 70% coverage. Then we turn partly sunny and colder again for Wednesday the 20th. While we are keeping our forecast relatively conservative for those days, other models are trying to bring a much more interesting solution to the table, with snow in far southern areas, near the Ohio River for Tuesday, and then rain south of I-70 on Wednesday and snow north. We think that is overdone and will stay with a more subdued outlook at this time. For the extended period, we have flurries for Thursday the 21st, then partly to mostly sunny skies for Friday the 22nd through Sunday the 24th. Colder air with another snow event arrives for Monday the 25th and goes through Tuesday the 26th. Accumulations are likely.last_img read more

first_imgAI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Chloe Duncan Tags:#advertising#AI#artificial intelligence#branding#emotion AI#featured#top As artificial intelligence (AI) grows, its ability to understand and respond to your emotions is key. If machines, robots, and technology are to make better, more contextual judgments of human behaviors, the next step is ultimately Emotion AI. While emotion AI enhances the human computer interaction, enables brands to gain emotional insight in real-time and helps professional sports stars assess & improve their performance, its capabilities are limitless and how people could use it must be carefully considered. Think emotional, think ethicalJust like with humans, we are now creating emotional relationships with machines. As brands, experts, researchers, and consumers, we all have a duty of care within this space. If we are going to use machine learning that is emotional to help us as brands, athletes, entertainers, and retailers, we must treat its use like we treat everyone else in society – with respect. Don’t turn to the dark sideLet’s be honest, there are going to be people out there tempted to use it for the wrong reasons, perhaps for profiling and surveillance; and that’s when things could quickly get creepy and just downright scary. But there’s something we can all do to minimize this. Just because the technology can do certain things like this, doesn’t mean it needs to. As humans, let’s keep it cool, let’s use emotion AI to our advantage, BUT let’s not take advantage. What goes around comes around Whether it is with our partners, team members, coaches or customers, our strongest relationships are ultimately built on trust, openness, and honesty. So when it comes to our relationships with emotion AI, we must follow suit. Think of it like this – if you bring good to emotion AI, it will bring good to you. The MUSTsHow we live and work within society will be underpinned by our values. As an emotion AI company, we have always believed in the importance of our end users and the privacy of their data. With everything we do, we will always: Get consentBe transparentBe responsibleBe trustworthyAnd most importantly, put the user firstIf these values come naturally to you, then great. The use of emotion will do you well. With clear values of transparency in every project and product created, we are able to make them more useful, interesting or enjoyable for the end user. As a brand or retailer, you have the opportunity to lead by example. Trust is the new currency for customer loyalty; provide it, advocate it, and enjoy the benefits. If consumers can trust you on a genuine level, it will not only attract a bigger audience to your service but also increase the number of users willing to take your emotional relationship to the next step. See also: Understanding the hype vs. reality around artificial intelligenceOn the other hand, if you see these values more as guidelines, and decide not to follow them, then, unfortunately, emotion AI will catch up with you… and not in a good way. Recently, we have seen the likes of Facebook and YouTube getting publicly criticized for their irresponsible programmatic advertising, such as brands’ messages appearing beside extreme terrorist content. Not only has it caused their clients to lose trust in them, it has left them with a tarnished reputation that will take great efforts to resolve. What needs to be considered here is the fact that it is only our social behavior that programmatic advertising is currently looking at. If emotional data comes into the equation, businesses like YouTube and Facebook must seriously step up their game and ensure consent, transparency and responsibility attributes are incorporated into their strategies at all time. Without these, technology may have gone too far. Emotion AI services will lose trust, receive negative perceptions and ultimately fail. So what to take away from this?To put it simply, don’t be an idiot. Emotion AI can bring so much good to society, so let’s consider our actions, use it correctly and provide creative, exciting & fun projects for the end users. For brands, the perceptions of current & potential customers are key to your success, so do right by them. To capitalize on the use of emotion AI, whether that’s in advertising, entertainment, sports & performance or health & well being, it must be done with trust and transparency. We must admit, not knowing the limits of emotion AI and where it could go is a scary thing – but this fear must not be the overriding emotion. We should look at the positives of what it can do and work together to ensure it does not step into places we do not want it to exist. Those that let it enter the dark spaces, let’s hold them to account for it. After all, it will be those who use it badly that lose out in the long run. Interestingly, while we may not even think about it, how the emotion AI algorithms are programmed and how people use it to engage with others is a human decision. Therefore, the control and use of emotion AI is in our hands. As long as we show empathy and remain sensitive to the use of this technology, it is an exciting space to watch and ultimately where the future of emotion AI will lie.Do it well and do it right. 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