first_img 47SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with CUInsight.com. Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: www.cuinsight.com Details As summertime gets into full swing it can be incredibly hard to keep your workforce optimistic and motivated. Most of your employees have dreams of the beach and sunny skies on their minds, as opposed to the workload in front of them. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to maintain a productive work environment. Here are three tips for keeping your employees engaged and optimistic not only during summer, but the whole year through.Maintain focusWhen children are in summer camps and vacations are on the horizon, it’s natural for employees to have distractions. It’s important you check in with them periodically to ensure that they are keeping track with the work that needs to be done. Help them to prioritize items that are time sensitive. Also, if your organization’s workload lessens during the summer months, be sure to give your employees purpose.Be flexibleIf you provide your staff with adequate time-off, they will be incredibly appreciative and also stronger employees. When professionals are given incentives, they feel valued and understood. So, if an employee requests a reasonable amount of time off, needs to leave early for a personal reason, or simply wants to take a walk when the weather’s nice, be flexible and agreeable.Concentrate on connectingSummer can be a great time for reconnecting with your staff on a personal level. If things are slow in the office, take time to engage with them and encourage open communication. You don’t have to always take them out to lunch, but even just the action of reaching out and checking in can make a huge difference in their morale.last_img read more

first_imgWhenever my friends and I get together on the weekend, we always seem to manage to toast — apple juice only, of course — UW football coach Bret Bielema.And why shouldn’t we? The rookie coach led our Badgers to the best record in the history of the school and another big bowl victory, and if it had been another year besides the one Ohio State and Michigan decided to dominate, Wisconsin would have been on its way to Pasadena again.And let’s be honest, that red windbreaker is just downright sexy on him.Plus, following in the footsteps of Barry Alvarez — a man of legendary status on campus — is no easy task. Nevertheless, Bielema pulled it off this year, and he deserves our accolades.Looking back at the season, the No. 5 Badgers were indisputably dominating, garnering some well-deserved national attention and respect — and the credit goes to more than just Bielema.The offense — one led by offensive coordinator Paul Chryst — was at times unstoppable. The majority of games last season were blowouts, winning their games by an average of about 20 points.Earlier this week, Chryst announced he was going to stay with the Badgers despite attempts by the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers to try to lure him away. I’m sure the notion of working under guys like Wade Phillips or Norv Turner was probably pretty enticing — or not, one of the two. Nevertheless, Chryst turned down offers from NFL teams.No matter why Chryst decided to stick with the Badgers instead of heading for “the big time,” it’s something my friends should be toasting to as well.First and foremost, the Badgers are holding on to a guy who’s proven himself as a fantastic coordinator. Chryst, who will enter his third season at Wisconsin this fall, is batting 1.000 in helping to lead the Badgers to victories at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.This past season, John Stocco proved doubters wrong, Travis Beckum set school tight end records and the P.J. Hill cheer quickly became a Camp Randall tradition.Bielema is thrilled to have a core group of coaches returning — as he should be — and he expressed his appreciation this week.”When you have as successful a season as we had in 2006, it’s not surprising that other teams have approached several of our coaches,” Bielema said in a statement. “I appreciate our coaches’ commitment to our program at Wisconsin, and I’m thrilled that our staff will return intact for the 2007 season.”Putting aside the fact that Chryst has shaped a successful offense, an NFL-caliber coach decided to stay at — of all places — Wisconsin. Now there’s a fact that should be celebrated.As a fifth-generation Badger, I learned the lyrics to “On Wisconsin” before I learned to tie my shoes — seriously. And my parents and grandparents kindly remind me today how lucky I am to be at Wisconsin when the football team is so good considering it was so bad for, well, forever.So when a guy who could ditch Madtown for the likes of Dallas or San Diego decides to stay — that’s pretty awesome. Something tells me in my parents’ years at Madison, a guy like Chryst with an offer from the NFL might have jumped ship pretty easily.The move parallels a shift in the Wisconsin program into a whole new class of football teams on the national level.Just look at some of the other teams that ended up toward the top of the USA Today poll at the end of the season — Florida, Ohio State and USC, to name a few. Those teams have been up there pretty consistently in the past, and Wisconsin hasn’t.Chryst’s move to stay in Wisconsin may not be in the same realm of excitement as a No. 1 Associated Press ranking in basketball, but in the long run, it’s probably more important.So if you’re out with friends this weekend, raise a sweet cup of O.J. or Minute Maid and deliver a toast to Paul Chryst this time, in honor of the class Wisconsin football has stepped up into.Tom Schalmo is a sophomore majoring in journalism and communication arts. If you’d like to find him to raise a toast you can write him at [email protected]last_img read more

first_imgThe family of 6-year-old Kaia Rolle shared with the Orlando Sentinel on Monday evening the body camera footage from Rolle’s arrest at her school, Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy.The incident took place in September, and it made national news.Kaia, a first grader at the charter school, had a tantrum earlier in the day where she had kicked and punched three school employees, leading to her arrest on a charge of misdemeanor battery.The video shows Orlando police officers enter a classroom before taking away the 6-year-old who was crying throughout the entire time.Officer Dennis Turner said about the zip ties, before another officer tightened them around her wrists. Kaia immediately began weeping.Although it was clear that Kaia was in extreme distress the officers continued with the arrest while employees at the Orlando charter school stood there.When the officer who arrested Kaia returned to speak with school officials, he downplayed the juvenile detention center, saying it’s “not like you think.”He told them he had arrested 6,000 people in his career — the youngest, to that point, was 7. When school employees told him Kaia was 6, not 8 like he thought, he did not seem concerned.“Now she has broken the record,” he said.Orlando Police Department officials fired Turner. The said Turner violated agency policy on arresting children younger than 12, which requires officers to get a supervisor’s approval — something Turner did not do. However, his decision was not illegal as Florida currently does not have a minimum age for arrest.Meralyn Kirkland, Kaia’s grandmother, told reporters her granddaughter had sleep apnea, which is why she would act out in school. The family says they hope that in releasing the video it will help support a proposal to change that law by making 12 the minimum age for arrest.Kirkland says she worries that her granddaughter will suffer from trauma because of this incident. Kaia was taken to the county Juvenile Assessment Center, where the girl’s mugshot and fingerprints were taken. Employees had to use a step stool for Kaia to capture her mugshot.Kaia is now attending a private school, after refusing to attend a school with an officer on campus, Kirkland said.last_img read more

first_imgDuring the conference, the Governor stated that COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that attacks the immune system of those who are not in good health and in good physical shape. He expressed that opening the gyms would give residents the opportunity to get into better shape and a better chance at fighting the virus so long as social distancing and sanitary measures are being followed:“Make sure that you respect the social distancing capacity,” DeSantis said. “If you’re sweating on the dip bar, clean the dip bar if you’re done doing dips.”He also said that outdoor training would be good options for gyms with the capability to do so, and would lessen the chances of spread.In addition to gyms and museums reopening on Monday, the Governor also stated that restaurants and retail establishments will be allowed to operate at 50% of their capacity. During a press conference on Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis reported that all of Florida will be able to head into a full phase one on Monday.Gyms, fitness centers, museums, and libraries will all be allowed to reopen so long as proper social distancing measures are in place and are being followed.last_img read more