first_imgLast week, Parliament approved the first package of Good Work Plan legislation, which means: From this week, payslips will now have to include the number of hours worked – making it easier for workers to check they are being paid the correct amount A further 120,000 agency workers will benefit from the scrapping of the Swedish Derogation Reforms form part of the government’s largest upgrade to worker’s rights in a generation around 1.5 million people are to receive a day one statement of rights setting out leave entitlements and pay all workers will be better protected from employers who have demonstrated malice, spite or gross oversight, with the maximum additional penalty that Employment Tribunals can use quadrupling from £5,000 to £20,000 up to 120,000 agency workers will benefit from the scrapping of the Swedish Derogation – an end to the legal loophole which enables some firms to pay agency workers less than permanent staff new agency workers will also benefit from a key facts page before signing up with an agency, which will provide clarity, particularly around their pay employees will have a stronger voice in the workplace. Employees already have a legal right to make a request to be informed and consulted about issues at work and the threshold for them to request these arrangements will be reduced from 10% to 2% This new right ensures that all workers receive a payslip, which forms part of the government’s Good Work Plan – the biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years.It means payslips will now include the number of hours worked, making it simpler for workers to make sure they are being paid in full, and at the correct rate.Ministers also brought into law a package of trailblazing reforms, which will give workers ground-breaking new rights. This includes the repeal of the Swedish Derogation – a legal loophole that enabled some companies to pay agency workers less than permanent staff – and a new entitlement to a day one statement of rights setting out details of a new employee’s leave allowance.Business Secretary Greg Clark said:center_img The UK has a labour market that it can be proud of and we are committed to continue leading the way in workers’ rights. That is why we have introduced a new right for all workers to a payslip ensuring workers are paid fairly. On top this, the legislation approved by Parliament is a significant milestone in our concerted effort to deliver the largest upgrade in workers’ rights in over a generation. This all forms part of the Good Work Plan, which is the cornerstone of our commitment to build a labour market which rewards people for hard work, celebrates good employers and boosts productivity and earning power of workers across the UK. The Good Work Plan, announced in December, formed the government’s response to the independent Taylor Review of impact modern working practices and includes ambitious reforms to ensure the UK leads the world in meeting the challenges of the changing world of work.In addition, the government has this month launched a new £1 million advertising campaign to raise awareness of the National Living and Minimum Wage rates to workers and employers. The adverts are part of the government’s ongoing ‘A Fair Workplace’ campaign, which is designed to highlight a range of workplace rights to help workers understand what they are entitled to and ensure businesses comply with the law.This form a key part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy, a long-term plan to build a Britain fit for the future by helping businesses create better, higher-paying jobs in every part of the UK.Notes for editorsThe payslip legislation came into effect on 6 April 2019. Payslips will now include the number of hours worked when a worker is paid according to time-worked, for example hourly or by day.The government commissioned Kantar Media to conduct a poll of over 2,000 people to find out peoples’ understanding of payslips and the information they contain.Workers who believe their payslip is inaccurate should contact ACAS on 0300 123 1100.The Employment Tribunal increased maximum penalty came into force on 6 April 2019. All other elements will come into force from April 2020.The Good Work Plan came as the government response to the independent Taylor review of impact modern working practices (2017). The review found that the strength of the UK’s labour market is built on flexibility but that a clearer focus was needed on quality of work as well as the quantity of jobs.For more information about National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, please visit www.gov.uk/checkyourpay.last_img read more

first_imgBy Dialogo December 03, 2010 I think it is a disaster at this era of the XXI century that the Government of Nicaragua has made up this supposed boundary problem with a country like Costa Rica which invades with military forces against one that has no army to disgracefully receive favor in relations with the establishment of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, how ignorant of these countries, like the King of Spain told Chavez, “Why don’t you shut up?” I would say “Why don’t you stop screwing everyone else and live like dogs in your own home and not in the neighborhood. This is like returning to the colonial times and times of conquests by ignorant people and the starving conquistadors of that barbaric time. When Costa Rica is an actual example of a democratic country for more than 60 years without the scumbags which are the military that run all of the underdeveloped countries of Latin America, what are they good for if they are only starving the people. Personally to me CR IS THE SECOND SWITZERLAND in America and it merits imitation, and it is a challenge for the other developed countries – come up with a solution worthy of civilized people who have evolved. I believe that in reality Daniel Ortega is a complete royal mess he hasn’t noticed that what he wants to do is finish destroying the country and the one that it should matter most to is this same Daniel because the people of Nicaragua have blood running through their veins not water and won’t tolerate such stupidity he is better off stopping these plans which will only destroy and bring pain to the families of the young at the mercy of the selfish. I am from Nicaragua and he is bad without any knowledge of governance I don’t know, do we allow this, my people let’s act the way we should. Don’t let our rights be violated, let’s show them that we love our Nicaragua. I lost an uncle in the last war and I would want any more misfortune for my country. I now live in COSTA RICA but I love my country. President Daniel Ortega has asked Nicaraguan lawmakers to pass emergency laws to give him greater power to mobilize troops, amid a surge in tensions over a border row with Costa Rica. The move has alarmed some analysts who see it as a bid by Ortega to take advantage of the diplomatic spat to concentrate more power in his own hands. Nicaragua’s constitution bars mandatory military service, but the proposed laws would allow Ortega to order a “national mobilization” during conflicts or natural disasters. The proposal would make “all human, technical and material resources that fall under the defense plan” subject to such mobilizations and any asset or public official considered useful for national defense “will be put under the control of the Nicaraguan Army.” Former president Arnoldo Aleman said it appeared that Ortega was trying to reestablish the state security and mandatory military service that existed during the leftist Sandinista revolutionary government he led from 1979-1990. The move comes amid a border dispute with Costa Rica that has prompted Nicaragua to send troops to the San Juan River, which forms most of its southern frontier with Costa Rica. The Washington-based Organization of American States has called a meeting of foreign ministers for December 7 in Washington to try to defuse the tensions. The two neighbors have clashed since the 19th century over navigation rights on the San Juan River. The International Court of Justice last year ruled that Nicaragua had sovereignty over the river, but that Costa Rica also had the right to freely use the waterway for tourism and trade. The court also rejected Costa Rica’s request that it be allowed to deploy armed patrols along the river.last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Offensive linemen are known for being one of the quirkiest position groups in football, which often leads to strange off-the-field traditions. In Wisconsin, the linemen enjoy Campfire Sauce at Red Robin. Last season, Central Florida offensive linemen bonded by wearing one shirt for all of training camp before their undefeated 13-0 season.Before pre-game walkthroughs, usually one day prior to kickoff, Syracuse big men play 7-on-7 football, a skill position form of football which eliminates both guards and tackles. When the “cows,” as the lineman have referred to themselves, play the mini game, it takes an opposite form.Rule one: No athletic movements.“Big man football, yeah, that’s one of our traditions before a game,” redshirt sophomore center Airon Servais said. “It’s called fat man …”He paused and corrected himself: “It’s walking football. It’s a lot of fun.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe game, which senior tackle Cody Conway described as “just an unathletic version of football,” is exclusively for SU offensive lineman. It’s not always the traditional 7-on-7 and takes the form dependent on however many players want to play.If all of the 17 offensive lineman listed on the team’s roster participated, and no exceptions were made, the group could play with eight participants on each team and one substitute. The O-line, which averages 300.1 pounds, sometimes invites guests to join the game. Most recently, 282-pound fullback and defensive tackle Chris Elmore was invited to a game last season.“Walking football is probably the best way to (bond),” guard Sam Heckel said. “This year is kind of like, we all kind of just know each other … which is great to see.”The linemen don’t know how long the tradition traces back. Aaron Roberts, a redshirt senior guard, remembered playing during his freshman season in 2014. Heckel said “it’s gone on for a longtime” and believed it was played while Macky MacPherson played at SU from 2010-13.Regardless of when the game originated, when asked who the best player is, all the lineman are quick to highlight themselves.“I don’t want to toot my own horn,” Servais quipped, “but I’m pretty good.”Senior left tackle Cody Conway said he’s the best player. “It’s not even close,” he added. Heckel took the question in a different direction.“You can’t really pinpoint a person,” Heckel said. “You can name a great role player, that’s me. I do everything extraordinary. I bring the best defense.” Heckel — who claimed to have scored 10 touchdowns in a 90-minute game — added tat since athleticism is banned, the game plays to his strengths. He mentioned Conway as a top quarterback, Roberts at receiver and Redshirt senior Keaton Darney “all around.”“It might be me, to be honest with you,” Roberts said of the game’s best quarterback. “I’m nice at a receiver. I try to switch it up, you know what I’m saying? But I can get the ball there. I like Colin, Colin Byrne is nice at quarterback, Dakota (Davis).”The biggest discrepancy, of course, comes back to the main rule. Roberts called out Conway and Servais as two of the most common cheaters. In a game with no athletic movements, gaining an edge is easy. As the ball approaches, players speed up their slant route or break too fast on the ball from the safety position, Roberts said.Heckel described how he cheats: “Try to be as athletic as possible, without anyone knowing. Do little hops on defense. They all know it, but what are they going to do.” Comments Published on September 5, 2018 at 11:36 pm Contact Josh: [email protected] | @Schafer_44last_img read more

first_imgP W D L GF GA GD Pts1 Leicester 31 19 9 3 54 31 23 662 T’ham 31 17 10 4 56 24 32 613 Arsenal 30 16 7 7 48 30 18 554 Man City 30 15 6 9 52 32 20 515 West Ham 30 13 11 6 47 35 12 506 Man U 30 14 8 8 38 27 11 507 S’ham 31 13 8 10 41 32 9 478 Stoke City 31 13 7 11 34 37 -3 469 Liverpool 29 12 8 9 45 40 5 4410 Chelsea 30 10 11 9 45 41 4 4111 West Brom 30 10 9 11 30 37 -7 3912 Everton 29 9 11 9 51 41 10 3813 B’mouth 31 10 8 13 38 50 -12 3814 Watford 30 10 7 13 30 32 -2 3715 Swansea 31 9 9 13 31 40 -9 3616 C Palace 30 9 6 15 32 40 -8 3317 Norwich 31 7 7 17 32 54 -22 2818 S’land 30 6 8 16 36 55 -19 2619 N’castle 30 6 7 17 29 55 -26 2520 Aston V 31 3 7 21 22 58 -36 16last_img read more

first_imgCSEC resultsThe pass rate for Mathematics at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination was well below 50 per cent and the Education Ministry has squarely blamed these results on a few structural changes in the papers.Chief Education Officer Marcel HutsonChief Education Officer Marcel Hutson said at a recent engagement that this ‘little shift’ directly affected the children and, thus, caused a mere 43 per cent overall pass percentage.“Mathematics came in at 43 per cent, the same thing we had last year, but there was a little shift in terms of the structure of the paper. The concept was there and so the shift threw some of our children off track but you learn from lessons,” Hutson indicated.The senior education official, however, informed that they will review these results and employ a newer approach to produce better results. He stated that teachers need additional training in content and methodology.“I could say that we are now familiar with the shift and what CXC will be doing but not withstanding all of that, we will continue to train our teachers in content and methodology because I think those two areas are critical…Mathematics is a subject area that will require lots of practice and familiarity the different strands and therefore concentration will be focused on those particular areas”.In just over eight months, students from across the country will sit the examinations again. In fact, preparations would have already begun with those who would enter their final year in September. As such, Hutson is convinced that the performance will develop.“We believe that come next year, you will see an improved performance in Mathematics and…I think we will be better prepared to deal with the concepts…The improvement that we would have seen in many of those areas were as a result of workshops, training sessions and basically have to do with building capacity with our teachers and, so we have seen that”.This year, some 11, 467 students were registered to sit the examinations this year with 67,000 subject entries. Apart from Mathematics, there was improvement for English Language, with a 77 per cent overall success as opposed to 67 per cent in 2018. The performance improved across 21 subject areas while seven showed constant figures. Seven subject areas demonstrated declines namely – Caribbean History, Economics, English B, Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology, Textiles and Clothing, and French.For the science subjects, there were improvements in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and both double and single awards Agricultural Science. This followed for the business subjects, being evident in Office Administration, Principles of Business and Principles of Accounts, whereas Electronic Documentation Preparation and Management (EDPM) maintained constant performance.last_img read more

first_imgThe most relevant team in this year’s NFL Draft resides right here in Oakland, owners of three first-round picks, four in the top 35 and boasting a new general manager who’s flaunted his knowledge during this week for the last 15 years.Whether that expertise will turn a franchise around stands as one of the most intriguing questions ahead of Thursday night, when the Raiders will (as of now) pick fourth, 24th and 27th, in addition to selecting five times on Friday and Saturday.Will they pluck …last_img read more

first_img29 October 2004Foreign businesses operating in South Africa have given the thumbs up to the country’s economy – though there are still concerns about Zimbabwe and HIV/Aids.A survey conducted by the Bilateral Chamber Consultative Committee (BCCC), involving 252 of its member companies, found a sharp increase in business confidence compared to 2002, with the majority of respondents very positive about the country’s economy and future prospects.The BCCC is an informal grouping of business chambers representing about 3 000 foreign companies, with a total membership investment in South Africa of more than R360-billion.According to the BCCC, British business in the country represents about R280-billion worth of investment, German business about R22-billion, the Netherlands R11-billion, and France and Italy about R3-billion and R1-billion respectively.In the survey, conducted from May to June 2004, 78% of respondents found the economy to be “satisfactory to excellent”, compared with 31% in a similar survey conducted in 2002. 95% expected the economy to remain the same or improve, Business Day reports.Levels of confidence in the government have strengthened considerably, with 53% of survey respondents expressing increased confidence, compared with only 32% in 2002. 60% of respondents expect investment to increase, and 47% said they had created new jobs.Relative confidence was expressed in the future of a market-driven economy (70% confident or better); balanced taxation (53%); democracy (46%); political leadership (34%); and equal opportunities for foreign business (32%), Business Day reports.Positive economic features in South Africa include a competitive marketplace, reasonable return on investment, and cheap electricity.According to Business Day, while 14% of respondents indicated a wish to disinvest, this was not due to dissatisfaction with the economy, but was seen as a natural process resulting from globalisation.While respondents accepted black economic empowerment, some were concerned that current empowerment measures would not achieve the desired outcome.Sticking points for foreign businesses include Zimbabwe – which is a key trading issue for many companies – and HIV/Aids. 79% of respondents rated the government’s HIV/Aids policy as “bad to very bad”, while 59% said developments in Zimbabwe had negatively affected their businesses.Other problems raised include corruption, the competence of the civil service, inflexible labour regulations, and crime and violence.Business Day reports that there was also strong pessimism about the accountability of trade unions, labour productivity, investment incentives, and the free transfer of funds out of South Africa. Respondents also noted that the rand’s volatility was a cause for concern.Members of the Bilateral Chamber Consultative Committee are:Africa-Asia SocietyAmerican ChamberAngolan ChamberAustralian Business AssociationAustrian Business CircleBelgian ChamberBritish Chamber in SACanada/South Africa Chamber of BusinessDanish Business ClubFinnish/South Africa Trade GuildFrench/South Africa ChamberGerman/South Africa ChamberHellenic ChamberIndian chamber of IndustriesSA-Ireland Business AssociationIsrael/SA ChamberItalian/SA ChamberJapanese ChamberKorean Company AssociationNetherlands/SA ChamberPolish ChamberSri Lankan ChamberSwedish Business AssociationSwiss ChamberSouthAfrica.info reporterlast_img read more

first_imgFor one week each year, the savannah of the Karoo is turned into Tankwa Town, a vibrant yet temporary hub of creativity when thousands of South Africans gather for AfrikaBurn. Unbound creativity and cleaning up before you leave are the only rules of the festival.Tankwa Town comes alive once a year when the AfrikaBurn festival hits the Northern Cape. (Image: Ian Tunbridge, Flickr)Based on The Burning Man festival held in Nevada in the US, AfrikaBurn grew out of a loose grouping of individuals and organisations who questioned, and continue to question mainstream, highly commercialised, society and what it does to the notion and workings of community. In a nutshell, it’s about radical self-expression and it acts as a collaborative catalyst for change.The 2018 AfrikaBurn, taking place between 23 and 29 April, invites participants to embrace the “Working Title” theme. If that doesn’t inspire creativity, organisers say you can simply choose your own theme.To inspire you, take a look at some of the highlights from the 2017 AfrikaBurn.Source: 26 Degrees South: a South African Airways bloglast_img read more

first_imgBasic members will now receive the newsletter on a monthly basis. Over 60% of Basic members who responded said they would prefer to receive the newsletter less frequently. Note: we know some updates need to be timely and we’ll make sure you still receive those.Premium members will continue to receive the newsletter on a weekly basis. The newsletter will be called The Logbook by Geocaching HQ and will include Premium member sneak peeks to upcoming promotions, features, and more, as well as other relevant geocaching news.Geocaching is a global game and we’d like to work towards more localized content across all our platforms. Both the weekly and monthly English newsletters will still include links to translated content on the Geocaching blog in German, French, and Spanish. Additionally, The Logbook By Geocaching HQ (Premium member newsletter) will be emailed directly in German and French to those who have their address set in either of those countries.Each newsletter will have a link to easily provide feedback and you can update your email preferences anytime by visiting the Settings page while logged into your Geocaching account. We look forward to continuing to improve the Geocaching HQ Newsletter!Share with your Friends:More SharePrint Related Earlier this year we sent you a survey to learn more about your preferences around the Geocaching HQ Newsletter. Afterall, our goal with the newsletter is to send you valuable content that you can use to improve your geocaching experiences. Based on the feedback received, we are making the following changes to the newsletter:last_img read more

first_imgTags:#Borophene#Graphene#Internet of Things#IoT#Rice University#wearables Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to… Graphene has been touted as a possible next generation material for wearables, smartphones, and other electronic devices, but scientists at Rice University suspect borophene, an atom-thick substance, could provide even better results.One of the main differences between graphene and borophene is the undulating structure it takes when moved from its typical state, metallic, to silver substrate. Its structure remains intact during this process, meaning it can retain its flexibility.See Also: Does Zap&Go have this energy storage issue solved?“Borophene is metallic in its typical state, with strong electron-phonon coupling to support possible superconductivity, and a rich band structure that contains Dirac cones, as in graphene,” said Rice physicist Boris Yakobson.Borophene superconductivity is criticalSuperconductive material is highly valuable in the wearables industry, where signals and circuitry must flow without any issues. The scientists believe borophene (2D boron) would be good for wearables, but may perform even better with flexible devices.The benefits of graphene are seen in its ability to not just to conduct energy quickly, but to provide an energy storage solution that can avoid the fire or explosion hazards of traditional lithium ion batteries. Borophene appears to add a new layer of flexibility to those attributes.“This wavy conformation so far seems unique due to the exceptional structural flexibility and particular interactions of borophene with silver, and may be initially triggered by a slight compression in the layer when a bit too many boron atoms get onto the surface,” said postdoctoral researcher Zhuhua Zhang.The likelihood of borophene entering the wearables market in the next few years is small, considering the limitations of the material at the current time, but it does show the potential future for device manufacturers should metal and plastic ever fail to impress. David Curry Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Related Posts Follow the Pucklast_img read more