first_imgEPL RESULTS SUMMARY (Wednesday March 4)Man City 2-1 Leicester CityWest Ham 0-1 ChelseaNewcastle 0-1 Man UnitedLiverpool 2-0 BurnleyStoke 2-0 EvertonTottenham 3-2 SwanseaQPR 1-2 ArsenalArsene Wenger praised the mental strength of his forwards after Arsenal saw off QPR to make the ideal start to a demanding schedule of five matches in 17 days.A 2-1 victory at Loftus Road on Wednesday left Arsenal’s manager relieved, with his side’s position in the Premier League’s top four cemented before they focus on overturning a 3-1 deficit in Monaco in two weeks’ time in the Champions League last 16 second leg.Olivier Giroud missed chances in Arsenal’s home defeat to Monaco which would have given the tie a different complexion at its halfway stage had he taken them.And Alexis Sanchez had been on a run of seven matches without a goal, but both he and Giroud scored within five second-half minutes to clinch Arsenal’s seventh victory in eight matches, as they maintained their push to qualify for Europe’s elite club competition for an 18th consecutive season. If they are do so, Giroud and Sanchez will have to fire and Wenger believes this was evidence that they are capable of coming through testing times, in light of recent criticism.”We were all down after the Monaco game and we responded well against Everton and again today. I think the confidence that we got against Everton paid today,” Wenger said.”He’s strong mentally, Olivier. He can take some criticism and he’s shown that but I feel it was a bit harsh for him. OK, he missed some chances but that can happen.”–last_img read more

first_imgSkipper Nedum Onuoha has admitted that QPR players urged Chris Ramsey to change his methods during his final weeks as head coach. Ramsey was recently sacked with Rangers 13th in the Championship table and enduring a troubled season, partly because of their defensive shortcomings.There had been signs of improvement just before his departure – they conceded a total of two goals in his final four matches at the helm.And Onuoha believes that was largely down to Ramsey listening to players who expressed misgivings about his methods.The defender said: “As time progressed with Chris, he had some good ideas and philosophies and so on, but then certain things didn’t really fit with the way we were.“As time passed, we’d speak to him and he’d speak to us, and things were getting better because we were raising concerns that we might not be able to do some things in 100% the way he would like it.Ramsey was barracked by fans prior to his departure“We were thinking ‘We need to say something’ and he was more receptive to that. So we started to change the way we defended crosses, set-pieces and things like that.“Maybe the way we were set up initially wasn’t to our benefit, but by the end I think we were dealing with things a lot better.“At the same time, a lot of the problems came from individual errors. It can literally take one mistake to concede a goal.”Taking no chancesRamsey’s determination to play a passing style was also met with scepticism from some players.“In the last few games there’s been more of an emphasis on not taking as many chances and risks in key areas,” Onuoha explained.“I think we’ve perhaps gone too far in that direction and we need to get our key players into the game, but we aren’t conceding as much. It’s about finding the right balance.Rangers’ season has been blighted by defensive errors“In the Sheffield Wednesday game for example, there were occasions when we tried to play out from the back and it led to chances for them.“It [being more direct] was kind of something we needed to do but probably not to the extreme that we did it.”Rangers are in the process of drawing up a shortlist of candidates to replace Ramsey and expect Neil Warnock to stay as interim boss until at least the end of the month.Former Rangers manager Warnock secured a return to the club in an advisory role shortly before Ramsey was shown the door.‘Completely different’He was heavily involved in the preparations for the recent defeat at Derby – Ramsey’s last game in charge – before taking control for the 0-0 draw at home to Preston. Onuoha said: “It’s been completely different, but Neil was there for two weeks before Chris lost his job anyway, so we knew how Neil likes to work.“Although we had been following Chris’ guidelines, it wasn’t like there was a new person coming in after Chris lost his job.“Neil was involved and he was in the dressing room, but only as much as Chris wanted him to be. Chris gave him the floor to speak a few times.“I’d say Neil was involved in maybe half of the preparation for the [Derby] game, but that’s what Chris wanted – he wanted him involved as much as possible.“It’s always sad when you see someone lose their job. Unfortunately for Chris it just didn’t go his way.“I appreciate the fact that he played me through his whole tenure and made me captain. I can’t thank him enough for that.”See also:QPR hierarchy in Malaysia to discuss new head coachFerdinand laid low by food poisoning during Malaysia tripWarnock brings in Blackwell to assist him at QPRWarnock to stay at the helm as QPR take their timeFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

first_imgWhat Good Is Natural Selection without Progress?Everything You Know About Natural Selection Is WrongMisuse of Term ‘Natural Selection’ Continues Can anyone name any real, true thing that Darwin’s phrase “natural selection” has done to further understanding of nature?Credit: J.B. GreeneBrace yourself. We’re going to say that natural selection is useless for science. Secular scientists will scream. Even some creationists will harrumph. But you need look no further than scientific journals and science news sites to see that it is true. Natural selection is a storytelling plot that contributes nothing to real, useful knowledge about nature. It’s like colorful frosting, but not the cake.  It’s like graffiti on a wall that does nothing to hold the building up. It’s like a gaudy pattern on a hot-air balloon, but not the heat engine that lifts it.If scientists ditched the phrase natural selection entirely, science would go on just fine. In fact, it would go on better without all the distractions offered by this empty, useless phrase that Darwin invented. Here’s our challenge: can you name any one, true, real thing that “natural selection” has added to our understanding of the world? While we wait for a response, it’s time to back up our audacious claim with specific examples from the science news.Articles Employing “Natural Selection” with No Added ValueSpotting evolution among us (Science Magazine). We’ll start right at the top with the premiere science journal in America, Science, the voice of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in a paper published just this week. Writer Ann Gibbons uses the phrase natural selection (hence NS) a whopping 13 times, determined to show that it helps scientists make sense of the world. Does NS advance science, a goal for which the AAAS is named? Remember now, we are looking for understanding, not storytelling. We must overlook the fluff of a high perhapsimaybecouldness index (PMCI) We want some meat in the science. Where’s the beef?“In addition to unearthing archaic DNA, the studies are pinpointing genes that natural selection may now be winnowing out of the gene pool and other genes—for example those linked to fertility—that it may be favoring.”  The phrase “may not” is just as suitable as “may” here. Come back when you have the beef.“The pair wondered whether other gene variants affect survival so dramatically—and whether natural selection is weeding them out.” Come back when you stop wondering and have evidence.“When it comes to natural selection in humans, most studies have only been able to detect dramatic cases thousands or millions of years ago in genes of known function.” Circular reasoning. Those studies assume natural selection did the work. None of the researchers witnessed millions of years, let alone thousands.“Now, Pickrell and Przeworski wondered whether they could detect genetic variants that affect survival today—and whether natural selection in recent generations has been weeding out harmful ones or favoring beneficial ones.” Come back when you stop wondering and have proof. Is NS doing this by intelligent design? What is it, a god?“Nearly all the variants they examined persisted at the same frequency even into old age, suggesting they had no large effect on survival. That implies natural selection has efficiently weeded out harmful variants, even if they act only in old age—perhaps, Przeworski speculates, because the variants curb older men’s fecundity. Or perhaps the hypothesized benefit that healthy grandmothers confer on grandchildren was at work.” High PMCI. Well, which is it? Too vague to be scientific. And since everything dies, there’s no way to blame it on NS. This is not NS; it is differential death. No new information. No innovation. No progress from molecules to man.“The researchers concluded that natural selection has not yet had time to eliminate these two alleles, perhaps because changes in the environment and human behavior only recently made them deadly….” More perhapses. Darwin was not trying to eliminate things. He was trying to say NS causes bacteria to evolve into man. Cliffs in the environment are deadly, too. Is that an example of NS?“Natural selection may have preserved those variants even though they shorten life span because they also boosted fertility.” More storytelling and speculation.“But researchers have been unable to tie those trends to underlying genes to get direct evidence of natural selection.” NS theory is doing a great job helping our understanding, isn’t it?“The UK Biobank allows us to show that natural selection not only took place in the past, but it’s still ongoing,” Visscher says. More circular reasoning. Visscher is studying genes “thought to increase fertility.” But fertility is no guarantee of progress in fitness. The offspring could all be afflicted by worse traits, and some mammals with low fertility survive just fine. Now read the very next sentence:“Teasing out natural selection from other factors shaping genes can be tricky, however, especially when multiple genes work together to influence complex traits, such as height. About 5000 gene variants simultaneously influence a person’s height, some boosting it, some reducing it….” This undermines Visscher’s assertion. He has no way to establish NS as the cause of increased fertility. It’s just his preferred explanation – a story – out of thousands of potential alternative explanations.“Berg and others suggested natural selection had favored tallness in the Yamnaya or their ancestors, and ancient DNA reveals that the Yamnaya were tall.” Wait for it:“It’s true people in northern Europe are taller on average, but there is no evidence this has anything to do with natural selection,” Berg says.” Gotta love this natural selection. It’s as substantive and nutritious as cotton candy.“Although UKB data cast doubt on natural selection’s role in that case, they do suggest that evolution has favored genes for shortness in pygmy populations on the island of Flores in Indonesia.” What? Evolutionists imbibe NS smoke and become racists again? For shame!There you have it. Ann Gibbons had a PERFECT opportunity to show that NS adds value to our understanding. Between the admissions of ignorance you saw only speculative assertions. BAD bluffing assertion were offered in one sentence only to be taken away in the next. Everything is vague, imprecise speculation heavily seasoned with may, perhaps, and could. Such words are unworthy of scientific understanding. If you buy these evolutionists’ stories, we have a resort vacation to offer you on the Isle of DeBris.We have more examples to share to prove our contention that NS is useless, but we wanted to start big. More will be forthcoming, followed by examples of good biological science that completely ignores NS. Meanwhile, offer your best example of NS adding some value to science. Go ahead; give it your best shot. But you had better read up on some of our earlier articles about NS first, so that you don’t fall into the pitfalls of shallow thinking.Op-Ed: Time to Ditch Natural Selection?Darwinians Cannot Agree on What Natural Selection Is (Visited 496 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Don “Doc” SandersYou may remember that I’ve written a few times in this column about false claims made against Roundup — namely, that it causes cancer. In my most recent column on the topic, I wrote about how several respected health and environmental organizations have cleared the popular herbicide of these charges, like the Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, the European Food Safety Authority and the German consumer health agency BfR.Now I want to share with you a news report I recently ran across about how a New Mexico dairy operation is being threatened by cancer-causing nonagricultural chemicals that have contaminated the groundwater.The chemicals in question are perfluoroakyl and polyfluoroakyl substances, a group of manmade chemicals that I’ll refer to by their acronym, PFAS. Since 1940 PFAS chemicals have been incorporated into products used all over the world. Some compounds in this group are familiar, such as Teflon, which keeps food from sticking to frying pans. Other PFAS compounds are used in fabrics. Still others, to make carpet waterproof and stain resistant. Some of these substances have been used in food packaging to stop grease absorption.A couple of PFAS chemicals are used in firefighting, as fire retardants, and for fire prevention. There’s particular concern over the adverse human health effects caused by this subset of PFAS compounds. These are the types of chemicals that are putting the dairy farm I mentioned in grave danger.When humans and animals consume certain PFAS in their food, or by coming into contact with them through water, the chemicals accumulate in their bodies over time. Animal studies demonstrate that specific fire retardant PFAS can cause cancer. Human studies demonstrate that PFAS also raise blood cholesterol.There’s a potential goldmine here for the attorneys of Moose & Moose, as PFAS lawsuits have far more merit than legal cases against Roundup. So, don’t be surprised if Moose & Moose starts interrupting more of your favorite TV shows to sign up with them over new cancer alarms.Now, here’s the rest of the story about the dairy farm in New Mexico. The dairy farm is just a couple of miles from Cannon Air Force Base where PFAS fire retardants were used in training firefighters to extinguish aircraft fires, using mock or junk planes. Apparently, this was standard procedure for many years. Consequently, groundwater used by the dairy was contaminated by these PFAS chemicals.A cows’ digestive system protects it somewhat from PFAS. The microflora in the rumen neutralizes some PFAS contamination, which reduces the resulting toxicity of milk and tissue. Yet, PFAS residue has been detected in the milk and tissue of this farm’s cows.The dairyman and his wife also have been tested for PFAs. They have 10 times the considered safe level of PFAs in their bodies.The cows’ milk has been declared unmarketable — as it should be. And the cows are in quarantine with the recommendation that they be euthanized. Can you imagine being in this dairyman’s place? You’ve given your life to your herd and now you’re being ordered to shoot all of them.One of the quandaries is where to dispose the cows, as no one has a clue about the long-term implications of PFAS residues in animal carcasses. I would recommend Yucca Mountain in Nevada as a disposal site. That’s a site designated for disposal of spent nuclear rods and associated radiation waste.And by the way, Congress was mandated to establish rules for Yucca Mountain’s use more than 10 years ago. And guess what? The rules haven’t been written! Until Congress establishes rules for nuclear waste disposal, it has cost taxpayers $24 billion in additional hidden fees over the past 10 years. This does not show up in the budget that Congress fights over every year because Congress doesn’t want to ‘fess up.If the cows were buried in Yucca Mountain, no one would ever know the mountain also contained some dead cows. Certainly, Congress would never admit to it.In the meantime, the government pays damages to the dairyman for his discarded milk. And the dairyman continues to await the government’s final resolution of this sad state of affairs – to euthanize the cows and close the dairy.Dairy farmers are a unique group of people. They’re animal lovers, just like pet owners. Their cows are their mission in life and their source of survival and inner peace.I truly feel for this dairyman and what he and his wife are going through.last_img read more

first_imgLearn how to create animated 3D script in this Cinema 4D video tutorial.The ability to import Adobe Illustrator paths into Cinema 4D makes creating animated 3D script incredibly easy. The following tutorial created by Tim from HelloLuxx shows us how. Here’s what the end result will look like:The tutorial covers various easy-to-follow techniques including:Importing AI FilesAdjusting Points to Simulate 3DUsing the Matrix EffectUsing X-ParticlesIn the video, Tim shows us how to create this effect using two different techniques. The first uses the MoGraph module and the second uses X-Particles. If you aren’t already familiar, X-Particles is a third party plug-in that must be purchased separately from the Cinema 4D software alone. It retails for about $320 online.This video was first shared by Tim at HelloLuxx. Thanks for sharing, Tim!Have any other tips for creating animated 3D script in Cinema 4D? Wanna share some of your work? Hit us up in the comments below.last_img read more

first_imgMost slide decks start with a series of slides about the company. They include things like the company’s history, their awards, their locations, their executive leadership team, and more recently, its investors and board members. From there, they often go into the way their products and services create value, with vignettes following the slide of the logos of the big, well-recognized brands the company already serves.There is a reason decks have been designed this way. The executives and marketing people who commission these things want to tell the company’s story. They want to establish their bona fides. But in doing so, they start a sales conversation in exactly the wrong place; they start with “Let me tell you a little about me.”Most salespeople use these decks in a linear fashion, marching through a dozen slides that prove they work for a strong, successful company, the kind of company you should want to do business with, leaning too heavily on the company itself as the value proposition. They also rely too heavily on products and services to demonstrate how they can help the client get better results, not recognizing that this formula doesn’t differentiate them from their competitor’s, with the client believing that the slide decks they see, and the talk tracks are interchangeable.If you are going to share a point of view, a compelling reason to change now, that is a better starting place than your company’s history. If you have a message that is wroth sharing, then that message should come first.If you are giving a final presentation, the place to start is with the client’s current state (the reason they need to change now), followed by the future state (where are we going), followed by the solution (how do we get there). The solution can include the stories, vignettes, case studies, and logos you want your dream client to see as proof that you do this work with big companies.You can move all the slides about your company to an appendix, in case someone says, “Tell me a little about the awards your company has won and show me a map of your locations.” Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Governor salutes resident Mrs Rita Gardiner with award from Her Majesty The

first_img Related Items:HE Peter Beckingham presents Rita Gardiner with award from Queen, rita gardiner awarded by the queen, Rita Gardiner recognized for her work with women and sports in U.K overseas territories Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 29, 2016 – The Governor, Peter Beckingham, presented the award of the British Empire Medal on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen to Mrs Rita Gardiner for her services to sport and women in the Overseas Territories, especially TCI, on 29 September.At the presentation ceremony which was attended by members of Mrs Gardiner’s family and friends the Governor said:   “I am thrilled for Mrs Gardiner to receive this great distinction, and I am pleased to have the opportunity on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen to present this award to her.  Rita has made a big contribution to society in Turks and Caicos. She has been instrumental for longer than I know in raising our profile in sport, and for ensuring our rightful place in the region and the Commonwealth.  I saw first-hand in 2014 her enthusiasm for organising the Commonwealth Baton relay which landed in TCI on its way across more than 60 nations.  Her support for Delano Williams is fantastic, and it is clear from meetings with them both that our first Olympian has benefited from her advice, guidance and enthusiasm.  Rita travelled with Delano’s mother, with support from the Premier’s office, to Rio to watch Delano compete in the Olympic Games.“Finally we should not forget the work Rita has done to improve the lot of women in TCI society. Her path-breaking work as Director of the Gender Unit has been important in raising the profile of women in society, and she has been actively engaged in striving to reduce domestic violence.  We should salute Rita for what she has achieved for TCI in sport and the promotion of women.  The Award of a British Empire Medal is a wonderful recognition of her work, and she and her family and friends should take great pride in this important honor.”Commenting on her award, Mrs Gardiner said:   “I am honored and delighted to be a recipient of this Award by Her Majesty. Coming in the same year as TCI’s first Olympic athlete, my good friend Delano Williams, took part in the Olympic Games this is a big recognition of the strides we have made as a sporting nation competing on the world stage.  I am pleased to have played a part in that progress through my work with the Amateur Athletic Association and the Commonwealth Games Association.  I am pleased too that my work in helping to promote and safeguard the place of women in society is recognized with this Award.  This is an important and memorable day not only for me, but also for my wider TCI family. I am grateful for all the support I have received from so many people here and overseas.”In addition to receiving the British Empire Medal Mrs Gardiner will be entitled as a member of the Order Of the British Empire to use a special chapel in St. Paul’s Cathedral for baptisms of grandchildren.  There is also a special service in St Paul’s in November for new members, and a Ceremonial Service in Spring 2017 to mark the Order’s Centenary. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more