3 inevitable drawbacks of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

many people say that entrepreneurship is about to usher in the best of times, but in the heart, to see a lot of former blood failure history. Although a number of policies to support entrepreneurship, but it is undeniable that there are a number of fatal defects of college students entrepreneurs.

1. due to the lack of social experience of college students, often blindly optimistic, there is no adequate psychological preparation. For the setbacks and failures in entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs feel very miserable, even depressed depression. We used to start, see the success of the example, the state of mind is idealistic. In fact, there are more failures behind success. See success, but also to see failure, this is the real market, the only way to make the young entrepreneurs become more rational.

2. impatient for success, lack of market awareness and lack of business management experience, is an important factor affecting the success of college students entrepreneurship. Although the students have mastered a certain amount of book knowledge, but ultimately lack the necessary practical ability and management experience. In addition, due to the lack of awareness of college students, such as marketing, it is difficult to be competent for the role of business managers.

3. college students’ understanding of entrepreneurship is still only a wonderful idea and concept. In a significant portion of the business plan submitted by college students, many people are also trying to attract investment with a novel that they think is very new. Such a thing has been abroad before, but today it is almost impossible. Now investors value is how high the real technology content of your business plan, to what extent can not be copied, as well as the potential market profit. For these, you must have a set of detailed and thorough feasibility study and implementation plan, is not only an idea in two words or three can make people money.

4. students are more weak market concept, many students are willing to invest in people talk about how technology leading and unique, but rarely involved in these technologies or products to how great market space. Even when it comes to the topic of the market, most of them will only plan to spend money on advertising, and for such important aspects as target market positioning and marketing mix, there is no concept. In fact, not necessarily those incredibly sophisticated things, the real interest can cause investors on the contrary, those technical content but it can hit the general market demand for products or services, often favored by investors.

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