40 popular entrepreneurial projects recommended popular business projects Daquan

40 popular business projects recommended by the popular venture project daquan. What are some of the unpopular projects in 2016, what are the major industries? Many entrepreneurs are more concerned about the topic, can have a lot of money of small projects, but the selection of relatively cumbersome, selected items first from the industry, the whole network Xiaobian for these 40 popular sectors to let you have a high profit return, the night is also very possible! "/p>

seedling professional market

seedlings in rural demand potential, especially some of the economic benefits of high quality seedlings, more popular with farmers. Therefore, the establishment of seedlings franchise market, the return of rich.

talent intermediary market


has a lot of professional expertise of the elite and craftsmen in the countryside, because there is no intermediary bypass and useless. The opening of rural talent market can make these people give full play to their talents and create wealth for the society.

rural entrepreneurship shop now out of business in rural workers who are busy when some farmers encounter serious labor shortage, the need to hire. Some people have trouble finding jobs. The labor market can be set up between the two sides to create a way for the surplus labor force.

technology services market

adjust the industrial structure, the development of efficient agriculture, farmers on the urgent need to grasp the cultivation, breeding and processing industry, a variety of advanced and practical technology. If we set up a market for science and technology services in rural areas, we will be able to help farmers solve the problem, but also be able to obtain considerable remuneration.

farm machinery rental market

due to economic conditions, farmers can not purchase the production of agricultural machinery, the conditions can be set up in rural areas, agricultural machinery rental market, the introduction of paid services.

organic fertilizer market

production of green fruits and vegetables, can not be separated from organic fertilizer. Large amount of organic fertilizer waste in the city, a huge gap in the demand for organic fertilizer in the countryside. If the establishment of rural organic fertilizer market, set up a bridge of supply and demand, can be changed into treasure.

is suitable for the rural rich project, if you don’t love the shop to do business, then rural farming rich project do native support


Rural Livestock farming Cang black goat

With the increasing prevalence of healthy consumption, people pay more attention to the green meat, especially the herbivorous livestock meat is more popular in China’s coastal areas, Hong Kong, Macao and

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