Every year hundreds of millions of old mobile phones go back to HUAWE Meizu recycling

believes that every young person to replace the mobile phone speed is amazing, with intelligent mobile phone technology strength, the annual number of idle mobile phone is very alarming, whether it is a waste of resources on the environment or human beings.

"mobile phone volume of our annual production of up to 450 million, while the mobile phone is waste 180 million, less than 1% of them are recycling." At a press conference recently, mobile phone Meizu vice president Li Nan to include the "First Financial Daily", the media said it will launch a mobile phone recycling program mCycle, hope to achieve the recycling of waste mobile phone".

"environmental protection itself is a luxury." Li Nan told reporters that there is no commercial interest in the Meizu industry chain. He stressed that the environmental recovery of mobile phone is the work of burn, flat or small loss is normal.

formal recycling difficult waste mobile phone

according to number 100 on the company’s data, 68.2% of the mobile phone users will be placed in the home, 20.8% of users will give mobile phone directly, there are a few people will waste a mobile phone when the garbage thrown into the trash, overall, the current use of mobile phone recycling rate is far lower than the speed of the production.

with apple, Foxconn and apple used equipment sales company love Feng faction trading company chairman Hu Guohui told reporters, Apple Corp have recycling programs in 95% of the global market, and is processed in the network.

"present day the world has 50 thousand ~6 million old iPhone is recovered through the proper channels, of which 20% will be about 10 U.S. insurance company bought, and the remaining 80% will flow into Hongkong Chinese into the auction, and then through the auction form into the mainland and other Southeast Asian countries." Hu Guohui told reporters that the informal market, more by the cattle with so-called high prices for recycling. In the warranty period of the machine, cattle will be used to cheat in the apple store in exchange for a new machine, so the recovery price is higher than the regular manufacturers of 500 to 1000 yuan is also possible.

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