From the university professor turned entrepreneur Liu Yuwei City Entrepreneurs matchmaking matchmake

for entrepreneurs, how to find high-quality and suitable entrepreneurial resources is a problem. The Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Liu Yu for entrepreneurs to build a platform for each entrepreneur and investors lead the red line.

she has even created a complete set of "blind date" system: first, the two party should be in the enclosed space of "one to one" private chat; then enter the scene to a show "roadshow"; if you can hit it off, will seek a "marriage sign", together with the written in "matchmaker Memo" writing oath.

turned "matchmaker", Liu Yu is a strong push to turn". Dian has 13 years of experience in college students’ innovative team mentor, she was in the second half of 2014, was suddenly visited by many investors and venture team, by the end of the year she has been overwhelmed". "Then I went to find out how to reduce my burden, and let them share resources between the two sides, only to think of the time and place to set up such a docking activities."

"entrepreneurial blind date" came into being. In conversation with Liu Yu, you can see that she speaks quickly and has a quick mind. "I have nothing to say, do it, it’s not difficult."

"matchmaker" creative first attracted many tucao". Someone gave Liu Yuti advice: "you a professor, tutor is not good? Is it bad to call a consultant?" Liu Yu thought for a long time, feel no way to compromise". "My role is the matchmaker, other titles are not appropriate. Although more common, but everyone knows."

occasionally, there will be "falling in love" or "cyborg" situation had recommended:

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