Guangxi Longzhou migrant workers and agricultural venture star Huacheng

as long as the idea of entrepreneurship, but also willing to put into action, no matter what kind of identity, what kind of education, experience, want to succeed in business is not difficult. This is not the introduction of this article, although the farmers in China, although the identity of migrant workers, but to achieve their dream of becoming rich entrepreneurial dream.

agricultural China was originally an ordinary farmer in Guangxi County of Longzhou octagonal octagonal village that Xiang Tun, but in recent years, he raised chickens, planting ecological orchard fruits and vegetables, not only their own money, and still think the villagers get rich together, suddenly became a "star village".


– Tun remote location, production and living conditions, in the village of 50 households, including agriculture, Chinese young labor mostly perennial migrant workers "fishing in the world". Several faces when they go out, and told the elders and not make agricultural plus China is filled with pain. He thought, how can we do a career at home?

in the village of lack of labor, large tracts of land were abandoned, I think we can do in this article above." China Agricultural gave vegetables merchants worked, often appear in the farmers market, he learned that the city people like to eat chicken, chicken breeding orchard is a good way.

said he would do it. The second half of 2014, Chinese agricultural back home "solo".

he took out years of savings, the villagers rented acres of fields and forests. "I said I was going to raise chickens, everybody follow me, we had a good time together." Nong Hua said, at the beginning, a lot of people are not optimistic about his ideas, even his wife is also against.

"they think I’m a farmer and what industry, chicken risk is so big, if the loss of the family had to drink the Northwest wind. But I have the determination and confidence to do this thing, I do not do so can only have been working outside." Agricultural China built a "persist in wilfully and arbitrarily" chicken shed, bought tens of thousands of kinds of chicks, throw off the arm to go to war".

but soon he was in trouble – chicken feed demand, far beyond the budget, not a few days he was shy". China had to start a farm working for people selling vegetables old job, earn money back into the chicken, until the first batch of chicken chicken slaughter, he began to venture out of the winter".

when the time to enter in 2016, the cause of China’s chicken farming has been on the right track. At present, his farm every month about 2000 chicken slaughter, after deducting the cost, each chicken can gain 15 yuan.

rich not forget, the normal operation of agricultural farms, plus China hired a village to help their families take care of RBI monthly salary of nearly 2000 yuan. Today, he is selling independently

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