Be wary of the 7 Mistakes in the clothing store

in today’s society, opened a clothing store in fact has become a lot of young people’s ideas, but also in the whole process of a people, because of the lack of entrepreneurial experience, so tend to make mistakes.

1, store error.

in dozens of clothing shop stores in the process, often the franchisee said "I find a lot of shops, but the feeling is not ideal," asked the "feel" what is the basis that most people can’t say enough reason, a few people can say a few reasons, the many so-called "made clothing business" for more than ten years, are in the "lot is not busy, did not form a clothing business district" as the basis. So, bustling areas and clothing business circle is really a good place to shop? I do not agree with this point of view, the main reason is the high cost of the downtown area and clothing business circle, the competition is more intense, consumer shopping mentality more dry. Therefore, to join the agreed shop condition is: 1, the shop area slightly larger, generally more than 30 square meters; 2, with a radius of 500 meters around the "on" a certain number of residents; 3 pedestrians in the past, in front of the shop a lot. The reason for this is the shop conditions mainly consider less investment and tourists combining low rental shops can come up with an appropriate fee for media advertising, so that consumers have a brand identity, the offline transaction will reduce the difficulty. The source of the combination of static and dynamic, then consider the influence of the store has gradually expanded space.

2, the wrong goods.

clothing stores goods selection errors are manifested in two aspects, one is the purchase by the owner of the feeling, the owner that good-looking style is poured into, and these styles are often not customers love; two is the choice of goods flow, see street fashions will enter, resulting in fierce competition in homogeneous products. The solution to this problem, the most important is that we must fully understand the needs of consumers, in the purchase before may be more than the customer communication, from the majority of customer needs into what goods, furthermore is to avoid the crowd purchase, so that you can avoid the price war with their peers. In addition, clothing wholesale market competition is also very intense, as far as possible when the purchase of wholesalers promised to return within a certain period of time, or according to the proportion of return, so you can reduce the pressure of the store inventory.

3, selection of errors.

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