Guide to investment prospects of diatom mud industry

building materials industry, there are a lot of investment projects, which are highly concerned about the modern consumer diatom mud is worth the investment? What is the future? Many businesses want to try to find out the problem in the first time.

The director of the expert

1, from the functional point of view

diatom mud is pure natural decorative materials, with indoor air purification and removing harmful substances, eliminate odor, fire retardant, noise absorption, humidity and other respiratory function. The function of diatom mud is not the same as those in the past.

2, from the perspective of environmental protection

diatom mud although no wallpaper like that of the color changing, but also has more than 40 kinds of diatom mud color. General family decoration color selection color change will not be too large, glasses do not adapt. And diatom mud is from the environmental protection, health aspects of the design, more close to nature, according to their preferences and set up a unique texture effect. Diatom mud market is still in a stage of development, the country engaged in this industry diatom mud is not very much, in the diatom mud market has not superheating, the forerunner to join the diatom mud to do environmental protection decoration materials will have a considerable market prospect.

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