Give customers more concessions to gain more customers

in order to allow the store to have more customers, and now many of the owners are constantly open up more channels of business, only to attract more customers. I open the store, not too many details about the gifts. Are generally given by heart, vary from person to person, nor is it for all customers have a gift. Because there are old customers, new customers, so the treatment is not the same. Shop is nothing more than to pull off the flow, to achieve this purpose on the OK. Moreover, the shop does not have regular promotional activities, promotional activities and sometimes with a raffle, also be a gift to the customer.

for old customers, I always uninterrupted send them some such as: lighter, a towel, a few bags of biscuits, a ice cream, a bottle of water or a drink; sometimes, I will put out the cigarette boxes stacked handiwork to customers, such as seed plate, they are all with love; free time, I will also take advantage of chatting with customers, hands were not idle, to the customer to do a simple feather duster to customers, feather duster with soft packing bag made of nylon, simple and practical, customer special love.

maybe this is me! General gifts for customers, not really what substantive specific things, sometimes I see a small shop in the goods, the customer needs what time, picked up the thing, is not a commodity, it is an old customer, I will not charge, told her: "here, this is for you and don’t give money"; there is some delicious food when I do, I will be invited to come to buy customers to dine together, enjoy my cooking, make them feel like I came here consumption into his home as warm, here a little more foreign population.

customers in the maintenance, do not have to wait until the new year’s day when they want to give the customer some benefits, so late. Customers, like our relatives, often walk around will be particularly cordial, old and not, will become increasingly alienated. Most of the time, we do not have the intention to operate and customer relations, it will inexplicably lost some customer sources, really, people are so practical.

for new customers, I will always be in the customer first purchase something to play 10 percent off discount, sending a desk calendar, especially foreigners, especially to the concept of time. At the same time I send my shop name card, the first time to the customer delivery, familiar with customers’ address and some simple cases in the first time, to understand the details of the customer can pull wide source of customers, because the customer’s friend, neighbor pull what, at any time can become a new customer, and it can be the new arrival of goods, ask the customer timely will need this goods.

most of the time, the owner of the gift of goods, although the price is not expensive, but the meaning of the customer is not the same. Moreover, such a gift actually to the owner >

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