Do five steps to sell door to door promotion

now sales are growing, many people also start a door-to-door sales idea, door-to-door sales is a very direct sales, it also has five major steps, let the salesman easily earn promotion.

the first step: hello.

when greeting to pay attention to three points, eyes, smile warmly.

have no, in greet others will definitely be that greet people enthusiastically follow each other warm, indifferent to greet others will get cold response, so we are greeting clients must first warmly. Your enthusiasm will affect your mood.

second points of attention.

with focus eyes on each other’s eyes, this will give the customer a shock will allow the customer to produce close to your heart, some people don’t think it would be polite especially male sales staff face female customers, I can tell you, you think this is completely mistaken. The reason for this is actually very simple, a warm greeting to you and you find that his eyes are staring at you as if God is talking, what kind of psychological activities you will be like?

A is curious, this is how people look at me like that.

third must have a sincere smile.

second step: to introduce myself.

regardless of the strange customer or with the customer you are playing don’t forget to greet to introduce their customers to strengthen memory system. When you introduce yourself, you should pay attention to three points. Is a simple, simple introduction not only can let the customer know at once you will also provide you the following sales work leave enough time, there is a simple customer is most easy to remember, a customer you remember, he may give you.

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