How much money is needed to join the hanging furnace roast fish net

said to the catering industry is delicious and healthy food consumer goods what is popular, small fish strongly recommended investment projects. Fish give you a barbecue extreme feelings, but also bring the traditional fish freshness for you. Grilled fish with a good return on investment, the brand is also a very good project. Hanging furnace roast fish is such a project, beyond the traditional hanging furnace roast fish fish, the implementation of the new concept of diet after the first baking rinse. Enjoy a delicious crisp and tender, grilled fish, fish Hot pot debut. Accompanied by the fragrance of fish flavor, the specialized ingredients and ingredients of gold collocation, truly you can eat, eat what they want y and delighty.

in the emphasis on the concept of time today, open meals are more likely to be recognized by consumers, has become a hot topic in the food and beverage industry. The general fast food but it is difficult to inherit the traditional Chinese food delicious and nutritious, it is irresistible temptation. However, in the emperor is still a food and beverage companies to combine fast and slow way to achieve a miracle of the Chinese food and beverage quickly moved to the table, both to meet the taste buds, but also to meet the needs of fast. Then the fish hanging furnace franchise fee how much


hanging furnace roast fish join need how many money?

hanging furnace fish franchise fees are as follows:

franchise fee: 50 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

margin: 30 thousand


joined hanging furnace roast fish

1, customer service services support: to ensure that every consumer can enjoy the whole class, professional worry free service, this company in addition to professional and systematic training, increase support for all agents in the cost of customer service service.

2, to provide competitive products: the company will be 3 to 4 each year, the new product development speed for the agents to provide a range of varieties, rich, innovative appearance, reliable product support.

3, mature marketing management technical support: the company will be stationed in the professional training, with practical experience of the regional manager of the agents to help product sales. And provide technical training to its promoters and after sales staff.

4, regular promotional activities support: during the holidays, the company will carry out various types of promotional activities, with agents at all levels in the local sales.

in this new era, only fresh and delicious barbecue products will be consumer welcome, fish hanging furnace has changed the traditional concept of consumers, to bring a new experience to consumers, is a "

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