Hangzhou organized by the financial activities of the train ride

college enrollment, each college students are facing increasingly stringent job market. In the new era, want to achieve employment, college students have a choice, that is entrepreneurship. College graduates with high quality and professional knowledge are the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship.

11 on the afternoon of 20 August, "entrepreneurial innovation   guardian dream" financial train live in Hangzhou gold investment financial building, conference room, room 35. Lei Zhenzhen, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou college students venture capital, the city of gold investment group, a branch secretary and other leaders attended the event of Zheng Xinjun.

will be listed Gold Investment Group Co, a branch of the Bank of Hangzhou, Union Bank of Hangzhou relevant person in charge of the new youth entrepreneurship loans policy, explain in detail and young entrepreneurs loans may encounter problems. Among them, the gold investment group joint branch, Hangzhou branch of Bank of Sijiqing, Hangzhou United Bank, Zhongshan branch and other financial institutions also provide financial services. On the meeting, we consulted concern on their own college business loan interest rates, repayment and other financial issues to the staff member of a financial institution, and get a satisfactory answer, can not solve the problem on the spot, the staff also carefully recorded, and leave the entrepreneurs to contact, to identify the actual situation and then give back approach.

in the emerging industry life period, support students’ entrepreneurship is helpful to promote the development of emerging industries of construction, to achieve economic and social benefits. The success of university graduates in China is very large, it is also the need for the government to change the pessimistic attitude of college students to the cause of entrepreneurship, and guide the establishment of a correct concept of entrepreneurship.

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