Flower market profit big Florist site should pay attention to these matters

we all know that the market demand for flowers, large profit margins, so open a flower shop is a very good business choice. Many young people want to own a flower shop, especially young girls. Open shop location also have skills, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

1, in downtown

florist can consider the downtown location, the store from the main business center and the main station should be closer, the flow of people in front of the door should be relatively large, and the sidewalks should have sufficient width for parking (making floats very convenient). However, such stores are generally not very cheap. As an ordinary flower shop, as long as one of the one or two can meet. The shop in the downtown area, service object to the floating population, they may not have too much time to wait, so you should be inserted ahead of several floral products, how many points a grade, so that all customers can choose as soon as possible to the required goods, the goods can be engaged in all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, jewelry etc..

2, in residential area

3, opened near the hospital

is generally based on a patient with grief and bloom. Also prepare some finished baskets, where the bouquet. Because a lot of people are buying and visiting patients, no time to wait. Can run fruit baskets and other suitable for patients to see gifts. Should be standing carnation and chrysanthemum, Lily and other flowers.


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