Do jewelry business should avoid some mistakes

now with the social economy in the continuous development, many people’s living standards are constantly improved, more and more people begin to know how to enjoy life, many investors want to invest in jewelry chain, should avoid misunderstanding what?

1, slow jewelry expulsion fast jewelry

2, large management complex

a jewelry chain, such as the emphasis on order management, opening hot, performance will continue to decline.

3, store field less than

4, popular goods lack of

5, lack of goods, a serious shortage of

the empty shelves, and some even 5-6 rows are empty, when the store has this kind of situation, make guests feel the shop to re closed. So the guests did not dare to buy high-end jewelry, jewelry, in the shop a month later, will really move, the customer only to your shop a sense of trust, you will buy the high-end jewelry shop.

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