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hairpin is almost any woman has a hair jewelry, and the production of different materials, related industry brands will have a great difference. The metal hairpin in the iron hairpin has been very rare, but the use of elastic flat wire made of hairpin is very common, almost every woman uses it. Copper hairpin will not rust, and has a gold like luster, the hair is beautiful and practical, very popular.

aluminum and aluminum alloy as the material of hair clips, both Ling Qiao and novel, this hairpin fine, shiny, silver or gold plated, can be comparable with the real silver gold hairpin. So what are the hairpin brand? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands list.

card ten brand rankings: where NO.1 life Museum

alas alas living museum, and Korea BBP company jointly launched a new happy life experience high-quality brand, is committed to provide consumers bring rich inspiration and creative life of high quality and low price fashion products.

card issuers top ten list of NO.2: Cali /CARLIER


ya, began in 1995, hair – hairpin ten brands, large professional fashion jewelry manufacturers, excellent well-known domestic enterprises, China jewelry industry well-known brands.

card issuers ten brands NO.3: Jingjing

well-known (famous) jewelry brand, founded in Taiwan in 1988, leading domestic brands of fashion jewelry industry, one of the earliest domestic and large-scale jewelry manufacturer, specializing in fashion accessories R & D, design, production and sales enterprises.

card ten brand list: Chien’s


hair – hairpin ten brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, the global fast modeling of leading enterprises, beauty jewelry industry one of the most influential brands, focus on fashion products research and development, production and sales as one of the large retail chain enterprise.

card issuers ten brands NO.5: seven color flower /7MAGIC

Minghui Qisehua, ten jewelry chain brand, Ming Hui group, China jewelry industry one of the most influential brands, with international cutting-edge fashion ideas, committed to seven beauty, skin care, jewelry and other fashion boutique chain business class.

card issuers ten brands NO.6: popular beauty

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