How to make a small counter much


is just a small counter, just a small place to display goods, however, if used properly, the small counter can also play a big role in the realization of the real. In a word, the counter is the window for each of our stores. The author believes that the counter layout is very particular, as long as we can use their brains, think of ways to design and layout of the counter is novel and unique, we will certainly be able to bring a steady stream of tourists, let us benefit. So, how to design and layout of the counter, let us do it heart small counter.

first of all, according to the characteristics of the display of goods to design and layout counters. The counter for displaying goods, just like the clothes we wear. Different looks of the clothes on the color and color requirements are different. Only according to their own characteristics to choose clothes will be more appropriate to look good. Therefore, in the design and layout of the counter, according to the characteristics of our merchandise to carry out, as far as possible through our counter display, in order to give people the most direct and most beautiful visual effect, so as to bring consumers a strong visual impact, the characteristics of goods exhibition shows that most incisive.

secondly, according to the size of the store space to design and layout counters. Because each store shops of different sizes, which in the design of the counter, according to the overall structure of the store design especially selected counter materials, styles and colors positioning positioning, must consider many factors, and strive to achieve the level of the size of the whole body properly, supporting the appearance, while also taking into account the convenient and practical etc. factor.

again, in order to design ideas and layout of the counter. New in order to be different, out of the ordinary is a magic weapon to attract the attention of consumers, therefore, in the counter arrangement, we must learn to innovate, highlight their personality, especially to jump out from the popular stores around the counter style, designed with individuality color counter, so as to give consumers sense of themselves, so as to enhance the customers’ curiosity, stimulate the desire of customers to buy goods.

In addition to

, but also pay attention to the use of lights to counter the counter, to maintain a clean and tidy counters, so that we have a glorious day counter, especially in the counter goods more beautiful.

although the counter area is not large, but if used properly, the role played by small counters can not be underestimated. In short, it can be used as a small counter, as long as we do people, according to the needs of different periods, to seize the psychological needs of consumers, continue to innovate and change the counter sample form, always bring consumers a new and beautiful feeling, you will get unexpected results.

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