Electric cars into the Green Fair opening ceremony

June 10th, 2014 China · Qinghai green development investment and trade fair and the first Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge opening ceremony in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center Grand opening. The famous director Zhang Jizhong and ambassador Pan Xiaoting attended the event departure ceremony, the famous actor for the departure ceremony were Jinsheng zang. The world cup at the new energy electric vehicles challenge the highest, will be the 7 stage of the challenge in the 11 to 12 day tour of Qinghai Lake.

despite the gloomy sky, rain falling, but on the morning of 10 South Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center attracted by the masses, or the Green Fair site heat almost blew. Many people are to see the electric car charm to show excellent performance in order to give the people of the plateau of electric vehicles, the promotion and the Green Fair new energy saving technology theme consistent, BYD, BAIC and many other car companies a total of 10 units of pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, pure electric bus Qi Qiliang in southern Xiangcheng Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. The presence of the people around the electric car before the streams of people busily coming and going, curious about the device of electric vehicles, energy consumption, service life and operation mode to the manufacturer, we are most concerned about, or how long the charging electric vehicles in our province, and when to buy into the problem of the electric vehicle.

an old master figure is impressive, he in BYD Qin, E6, Beiqi Saab car before the long stop etc., carefully check device and performance of automobile power, again and again to the manufacturers responsible for throwing highly professional problems. Originally, the master Sun Zhengang is a senior expert, who has 20 years of repair experience for many years, the dynamic of the electric vehicle industry at home and abroad, he has been watching, also expect to have a car of their own electric cars. He and the youth fair site, just to see the electric car "zhenrong". "Electric cars are both environmentally friendly and save money, if the electric car one day to be able to spread, it can not only ensure the environment, but also to ensure our health."

people’s interest in electric vehicles soared, many people are concerned about the Qinghai can buy it? How much subsidy?" This is the BYD pr manager Liang most looking forward to things like "we E6 this pure electric vehicles in Shenzhen has sold thousands of vehicles, also become the Shenzhen city taxi, now travel more than 500 thousand kilometers, the endurance is pretty good. We have a preliminary intention to sell electric cars in Xining, but due to the current Qinghai province electric vehicle subsidy standard has not yet introduced, many of the ideas are in the initial stage, we look forward to the day, the streets of Xining are pure electric taxi figure." Liang said.


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