Xining construction waste management approach will be introduced at the end of the year

In the process of transportation, the exposed muck truck not only affects the environment of the city, but also aggravates the burden of the road cleaning workers. July 25th, Xining City, eight cars open muck cars will accept closed transformation, and unified installation of GPS positioning system, qualification certification, before operation.

according to the Xining City Administration Bureau responsible person, in recent years, the urban management department has been building waste, the disposal of sediment transport special rectification as a key work of the year, to rectify and standardize, although achieved some success, but on the whole, Xining city transportation market is still in the muck disorderly competition. Sediment transport carrier for the transport vehicle management is loose, not very good in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements of the urban management department engaged in sediment transport, transport, and along the "savage" problem of leakage pollution Road, dumping of construction waste have occurred, causing a serious impact on the city environment and traffic safety. The existence of these problems, and hit the city of Xining City, fine management requirements of the city there is a large gap, and the implementation of the muck transport vehicle closed transformation is the disposal of sediment transport standardization management is an indispensable link. In March this year, the Xining Municipal Department of urban management, construction, construction unit staff to carry out preliminary work thoroughly, will Xining existing 800 muck truck into the scope of the transformation. It is reported that this 800 muck car to install GPS positioning system, management department can keep abreast of vehicles, such as the dumping of construction waste phenomenon, will be subject to heavy penalties. (author: Wu Yachun)


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