Green Fair industrial transformation and upgrading of the vane

to promote structural reforms in the supply side, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of the background, the fair will be held for the enterprise to build a platform for the display of publicity and exchange and sharing. In this year’s Green Fair meeting, in the past silly, big, black, thick traditional features less products, enterprises in recent years to adjust the structure, strong innovation launched new products, new technologies and more.

in the Qinghai electrical and Mechanical State Holding Co., Ltd. exhibition, machine tools, construction machinery and other traditional products are gone, the focus is to show the heavy chemical non-standard equipment and a display of various types of steel structure of the sand table.

Wang Junzhi, deputy general manager of Qinghai state owned machinery Co., Ltd., pointing to the huge sand table in the exhibition, said the sand table shows the 10 we have done and are doing the steel structure projects. In the middle of the Lhasa stadium to light steel keel, won the national Luban prize. The new Hualian steel structure project uses the cross steel column, seismic performance is stronger, the floor space utilization is higher. Yuan Shi Shannie iron ore project using the "shaped Truss Bolt node ball grid", very light weight. These projects are our own design and development of products, sales revenue last year to achieve a 1 billion yuan.

in the Qinghai state owned Holding Co., Ltd. next door to the western mining group this year, showing a lack of copper, lead, zinc and other traditional non-ferrous industry products, more salt, magnesium, lithium and other new products.

battery grade lithium carbonate, high purity magnesium hydroxide, salt carving…… Lighter but higher value of the product to attract the attention of the public, but also shows the structure of enterprises to promote the transformation of the results and confidence.

in Yak jerky as the main products of bigger and stronger Qinghai cocosily Food Co. Ltd., this year is a great special equipment exhibition area launched the development of the company’s new beauty antelope Kekexili ecological wolfberry wine products.

in fact, such a change in this year’s Green Fair on many, which revealed the enterprise to the market demand, the initiative to adjust the industrial structure and product results, which revealed a signal the government to guide enterprises to accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading.


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