119 fire Awareness Week activities in full swing

11 9 is the twenty-fifth "119 fire protection publicity day", in order to further improve the level of fire prevention and control, to enhance the capability of the whole society to resist fire, to create a universal participation in the atmosphere, the fire in November 6th, 2016 in Qinghai province "119 fire protection publicity week" launching ceremony cum large combat exercise held in the provincial public security fire rescue fire brigade training base. Deputy director of the Ministry of public security fire bureau, deputy director Han Jianhua, deputy director of color.

to start the ceremony, the leaders of the third national awards won the 119 prize of the fire 2 advanced collectives and 1 advanced individuals, issued letters of appointment to the province’s 61 community fire ambassador, Han Jianhua announced the 2016 "119 fire protection publicity week" activities start.

after the end of the ceremony, the leaders and the 28 provincial fire safety committee member units responsible comrades and Xining, Haidong part of the key unit of fire safety fire safety responsibility, responsible for a total of more than 300 people watched the large petrochemical combat fighting rescue drills and fire equipment exhibition.

it is understood that during the 119 week of the campaign, the province will focus on the elimination of fire hazards to build a safe community theme activities, carry out various forms of fire promotion activities. Omnidirectional, three-dimensional, full coverage of the form of publicity, so that the community feel the importance of fire safety, in order to effectively improve the fire safety awareness and ability to resist disasters.


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