Holiday car rental car is hard to find

Although the car has been into the homes of ordinary people, but the reporter visited the learned, this year "eleven" during the golden week, affected by the self driving tour, our city is very hot car rental business, it is hard to find a car".

"we have no car to the company, the ‘eleven’ period of the car has been all booked up." October 3rd, Xining North Street, a car rental company staff told reporters. According to him, because you can freely arrange travel time and flexible lines, now more and more people love travel drive, the car has become the best choice to Qinghai tourists, so every year to Qinghai’s tourist season, the rental company to foreign tourists in particular, "this year" eleven "golden week holiday, and long, high speed and small passenger car toll free, car rental company’s business is very good, our company 30 cars before the National Day 1 weeks have been booked for most customers, customers are foreign tourists."

reporter then visited several car rental company, "eleven" golden week, a number of car rental companies are "rent" no car rental company, a responsible person of Mr. Liu said that during the long holiday, their car rental prices do not rise, the price of 120 thousand yuan car special almost all customers favor, lease 6 days to 7 days, "if customers want to rent a car, after the holidays."


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