From the passenger bus center may be leading to the airport

Reporters from the Qinghai

Airport Inc was informed that, in order to facilitate passenger travel, improve airport bus line layout, Xining airport bus from March 1st onwards, the opening of the Xining Passenger Bus Center (train station) new line operation to caojiabao airport. In the future, the passengers from the car to Xining airport passenger transport center.


line is the civil aviation airport bus for the first time to enter the automobile passenger transportation center, is the Bayi Road passenger station, Qinghai hotel after the line opened, one relying on the airport bus of airport and highway, railway, aviation seamless line, to further improve the Xining airport intermodal transportation hub layout. The new line of Xining automobile passenger transport center to the Cao Jia airport operating line route car passenger terminal, a station arrived at the airport. Running time: the direction of the vehicle passenger transportation center to airport will last 08:00, 18:00; airport passenger bus center to the first direction of 09:00, the last 20:00, the running time of about 50 minutes, 2 hours per shift interval, the entire 30 km, the fare is 21 yuan.

Xining airport bus will also continue to open the new lake to the airport bus line, continue to expand the airport bus network layout.


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