The province has a training base for women’s handicrafts

by the provincial women’s Federation of multi-party coordination, actively seek to Hongkong people love He Chongben’s selfless contributions and the Huangyuan county government support, in July 2nd, the Qinghai provincial women’s handicrafts training base in Huangyuan county was built and put into use. This marks the province’s women’s Federation for women’s employment, women’s services to build a new platform to help women in the vicinity of the local business to achieve employment, in order to further boost the income of women to inject vitality.

the training base infrastructure total investment of 5 million 800 thousand yuan, construction area of 2200 square meters, there are training rooms, disabled quarters, exhibition hall, practical operation, etc., can accommodate up to 50 people training. The base will realize standardization of management and operation training scientific efforts, strive to build a province of women’s handicrafts training, display and sales center, a new platform to promote women’s employment and Entrepreneurship of our province. In July 2nd, the provincial women’s Federation held the first training base on the ribbon embroidery, Huangyuan County 28 rural women to participate in the ribbon embroidery and porcelain pillow two ribbon embroidery embroidery skills and related knowledge training.


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