Xining city in the area of 19 disabled families were no barrier transformation

blind, wheelchair access and other public facilities is disabled in the community can enjoy the accessibility of services, but at home, due to economic conditions, family environment, etc., so that many disabled people face a lot of inconvenience in daily life. However, this situation will change in the urban areas of the disabled family. The day before, the City District of Xining City, 19 families of disabled persons enjoy the city CDPF free of obstacles brought convenience facilities renovation project.

who lives in the urban areas of cooperation Lane Pang Jianchun and his wife recently met everyone said: "the sky pie." Originally, Pang Jianchun and his wife are disabled, the city CDPF after the news to the Pang Jianchun family bathroom installed on the handrail, and install the water heater, the kitchen counters are converted into suitable for the disabled low stove, life becomes easy, Pang Jian spring and love Bengtiyouduo happy.

is reported that the city’s disabled families free barrier free reconstruction project involving 19 families with disabilities, a total investment of $134 thousand, the transformation of the family life difficulties for the disabled family. The content of the reform is limited to the civil engineering projects within the family door, mainly including the family to the outside door barrier free transformation, the installation of sanitary shower rod, handrails, water heaters, etc.. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)

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