Xining the Ministry of Personnel issued preferential policies to promote employment of nine measure

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of personnel from the civil service examination, the implementation of free services, increase the flow of talent in nine aspects such as the introduction of measures to help college graduates employment.

of these measures are: to professional and technical personnel, civil servants and institutions examination work, the quality and ability of college graduates to enrich the selection of Party and government organs and institutions; continue to make plans to recruit college graduates to serve in rural areas from August to November this year, select 150 college graduates to serve the grassroots service. The personnel departments to implement the eight free public service, free check-in, free Luohukou, free transmission and reassignment procedures, free custody of personnel files, free job registration, free employment recommendation, free to participate in job fairs and free to publish job information.

in addition, in order to increase the flow of talent, the Ministry of personnel will be held this year with the relevant departments held a number of graduates employment fairs and employment services consulting and other activities. Strengthen the college graduates employment guidance, employment management, training base for the establishment of Xining college graduates employment market, establish and improve the incentive mechanism of the employment of college graduates, college graduates to implement independent venture fund.


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