Province creating a passenger entrepreneurial environment better and better

if the government does not provide funding, policy and other aspects of support, my progress will not be as smooth as today, it can be said that entrepreneurship ushered in the best time." College student Li Jianjie through 1 million 80 thousand yuan of college students to guide investment in innovation and venture capital, successfully founded and built the province’s first one-stop O2O college life service platform, welcomed by college students.

this year, to accelerate the mass innovation entrepreneurship support service system construction in our province, have constructed university science parks, technology incubators, multi-creation space innovation service platform, effectively enhance the service ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. Make full use of the national high-tech zones, economic development zones, agricultural science and technology parks and other types of industrial clusters and other scientific and technological resources, to create a more conducive to create a customer innovation and entrepreneurship environment and conditions. Actively organized the university innovation and entrepreneurship competition, in a variety of ways to support high technology content, good growth, broad prospects for development of enterprises.

in order to strengthen the innovation of financial security, our province set up innovation of venture capital funds, the annual 50 million yuan of financial funds for science and technology integration, to grant, loan interest, stage equity and loan risk subsidy in a variety of ways to support college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, further leveraging social capital to support the public record space innovation service platform construction.

and since last year, the provincial government issued a series of policies and measures, scientific and technical personnel to allow and encourage universities, research institutes, technology promotion institutions and state-owned enterprises and institutions approved to the public record space undergo entrepreneurship, can keep its human relations in three years; clear colleges and universities research institutes can independently control the intellectual property and the transformation proceeds, and proposed the invention patent award criteria; on the development and achievements made an important contribution to the Personnel Encouragement of not less than 50% of the total share, greatly increased the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel of innovation and entrepreneurship, has injected new vitality into social innovation and entrepreneurship.


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