The people’s mediation work in the north of the city

one is to increase people’s mediation training. Hold people’s mediation training, invited the provincial and municipal judicial experts and scholars on "people mediation law", "Qinghai province people’s mediation work regulations" and other laws and regulations, the people’s mediation center, towns (street) and village committees (community) committees, enterprises and institutions for training, director of the mediation committee part of the mediator, judicial director totaling more than 120 people, people’s mediation training certificates amounted to 76%, rate of 100%.  
four is extended to the field of mediation. To further promote the people’s mediation work to extend to all sectors, timely and effective resolution of enterprises and institutions within and outside the conflict with the outside world, the establishment of long-term mediation mechanism, and strive to create a good environment for the development of enterprises. North of the area of small and micro enterprises one by one Mopai, classification, analysis of the status quo, in Xining Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. Kang, Xining Kang Gas Co., Ltd., more than 70 companies set up a people’s mediation committee.  

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