Qinghai Lake scenic area was included in the national characteristics of the Lake tourism destinatio

12 month 26 days, reporters from the just released "13th Five-Year" tourism development planning "see," 13th Five-Year "period, China will rely on the unique tourism resources, create a number of tourism destinations, to meet the needs of the tourism market popularization, diversification and characteristics. Among them, the province of Qinghai Lake scenic area was included in the lake tourism destination.

"planning" mentioned 8 major characteristics of the construction of tourist destination, including mountain tourism destination, island tourism destination, tourist destination, Lake wetland tourism destination, grassland tourism destination, desert tourism destination, the ancient village tourism destination, folk custom tourism destination.

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the popularity of Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake to carry out self driving tour, cycling, hiking, eco tourism, scientific expedition more and more tourists. In this year’s peak season in June, the Qinghai Lake scenic area tourists 67 thousand and 300 passengers. The first 25 days of July, the reception of tourists 141 thousand and 100 people, the annual rise of Qinghai Lake tourism situation also reflects the charm of Qinghai Lake.


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