Xining East District people will enjoy 570 million livelihood feast

The reporter learned from the East District of

, a city in the city this year to tackle the key year, the area will be 570 million yuan investment, infrastructure construction, increase the area of public cultural venues and other projects, do 5 categories of 24 big things, good things for the people of the area, as a city, to help pave the way to tackle the east.

let the city more humane and more modern: completed 400 million yuan investment in Fu low rent housing resettlement area main project; invest 10 million yuan to complete the Republican road pavement and road repair, replanting trees planting project; investment of 18 million yuan through the Republican Road branch, South Street Branch, Hebei Road, West Coast Yongteng, xiadou Avenue (complete south street to Delingha road guardrail installation engineering); invested 5 million yuan to complete the 2 old residential renovation project; invest 5 million yuan of new Kunlun Road, Huangzhong Road on the west side, and Huang Zhongqiao Burson Road on the west side of 4 street landscape and green space.

for the eastern sky bluer and more beautiful street: invest 8 million yuan to complete the single floor lighting project; investment 2 million 500 thousand yuan to build a public toilet, a waste transfer station and sanitation workers lounge and other infrastructure; investment of 6 million yuan for the area to meet the conditions of the unit to implement the "coal to gas" project.

makes culture places more robust and more convenient: 1 million 400 thousand yuan investment to build 5 community cultural activity center, 1 stations, 2 popular science Gallery, 2 -4 fitness path; completed 22 million 50 thousand yuan investment in North Street Primary School, primary school, primary school rhyme ieguchi Fu Qiang Xiang "school safety project and Yucai School greening projects; 20 million yuan investment in the implementation of national nursery renovation, Fernando kindergarten art in new projects; investment of 1 million yuan of private kindergartens issued in this area of preschool education subsidies.

to allow the villagers to enjoy the city facilities: 28 million yuan investment in the basic completion of Yun Jia Kou Zhen pan Zi Shan Cun remote poverty removal main project; invest 7 million 300 thousand yuan to complete the Linjiaya, Lu Jia Zhuang, Zhuang village greening and road hardening project; investment 1 million 500 thousand yuan to build a rural funded regulatory information platform; completed 14 million yuan investment in ZHUJIAZHUANG Fu Jiazhai, pan, rhyme ieguchi, sub village sewage collection and treatment system project.

let the people little life better: the distribution of college students from poor family assistance payments, subsistence allowances for poor households and more than 90 years old condolence payments 1 million yuan; 15 million yuan investment in the new 2 -3 community service office premises; to complete all 500 sanitation workers, 900 in-service teachers free medical examination and 1000 rural women two cancer census; investment of 2 million yuan for the elderly in the region for more than 65 years of age for a free medical examination; invest 1 million 530 thousand yuan to build 2 "disabled", the implementation of the poor families of disabled accessibility renovation project and assistive devices; 1 million 200 thousand yuan investment in the establishment of public employment service information platform; enhance the community college-graduate village official salary provide assistance; 3 million yuan of funds for small and micro enterprises. (author: Dezhou)

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