Xining city in the mobilization of the whole city a city

Right now, Xining City, the work is being carried out in full swing. June 29th, the city of Xining City, "city of civilization" Saturday in the provincial capital center square start. The city district organized cadres of workers, volunteers, provincial and municipal civilized unit staff of more than 2 thousand people, to carry out cleaning, clinic, legal advice, to persuade people to obey the traffic rules and other activities.

aunt, please walk on the sidewalk, roadway safety." The same day, in the West Street T-junction, a civilized city traffic volunteers are advised to cross the road of the public.

it is understood that, in order to further promote the "creative city", Chengzhong district set up civilized traffic to persuade volunteers, from Monday to Sunday, go to West Street, a large area of the west gate, crossroads junction, South Gate Street, South Gate Street East, 71 West Road, Nanshan Road intersection Street Primary School (Road), all-weather continuously carry out the obligations of propaganda and persuasion, promote civilized area residents travel. At the same time, the city also organized volunteers to take to the streets to clean up, pick up the cigarette butts, scrub the fence, clean the garbage dead corner, remediation area sanitation.

not only that, during a city activities crucial this year’s "Chengzhong district has also developed a supervision work meeting system, reporting system, coordinating the three system management system, the establishment of a city the work of the special inspection teams to carry out regular inspection and measure of" creative city "is not in force, slow, prevarication the buck, affecting the" units and departments and the overall effect of the city "and the overall progress, will give criticism and education, rectification, serious problems will be investigated for leadership responsibilities. (author: Wu Yachun)


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