Xining City North District 87 old families will be replaced with new hospital

The government for the practical facts of the real good policy, our families of the hospital after the bankruptcy of the enterprise for a long time no one management, living in the garbage every day no one tube, I did not expect today for a sample." In April 7th, the original Sichuan iron alloy Jiashuyuan resident Mr. Zhang at the construction site. This year, the north of the city will be the transformation of the 87 families of old homes, a number of projects have been started.

agricultural machinery factory in Qinghai, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory, mining machinery factory, living area and other buildings of the "three noes" since the bankruptcy of the enterprise, individual hospital building units involved more, there is no unified management, no professional security team, more buildings and most laid-off residents, building homes and administrative units take off the tube, not the establishment of property management agencies, property fees charged, did not set up long-term guard duty system. For a long time in the unattended, unattended, resulting in burglary, car theft has occurred, the road potholes, bright lights, dirty and messy, chaotic parking, security is poor, these problems have been plaguing the lives of the residents. To solve the management of this old family member courtyard to the north of the city areas with the city ills, meticulous management, full implementation of the new mode of health management of old family member courtyard, issued a "property management without Chengbei district (old and old)" implementation plan of long-term management of environmental health family buildings, 87 of the region’s old family member courtyard gradually the comprehensive improvement of different levels of environmental health, and establish a long-term management mechanism, so that fundamentally changed the old family member courtyard.

this year, North District in a progressive model conditions mature, easy first, comprehensive transformation of the garden wall reconstruction, whitewash, green renovation, road hardening and other aspects of the 17 conditions of the bankrupt enterprise mature old buildings, renovation of 5550 households, covering an area of 495646.8 square meters, a total investment of about 62 million 160 thousand yuan. Among them, Qinghai agricultural and animal husbandry machinery factory area, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory living area, Sichuan mountain ferroalloy group living area, the original car three and four games, the original build three Sanhe area 5 projects have been launched in advance, involving 1891 households, an area of 350 thousand square meters, a total investment of 20 million 883 thousand yuan in advance. The project has been completed by the end of 2012 to start the bidding work, the current project has been started to implement. The remaining 12 projects are being designed and compiled. (author: Fan Shengdong)


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