West District Hing sea street held the awarding ceremony in the morning market even bargain integrit

in order to further standardize the interest Road, morning, Xing Hai Lu market order, encourage self-employed households honest and law-abiding, even bargain, to the jurisdiction of the masses to provide a convenient, fairness, integrity, confidence and satisfaction of the trading environment, recently, Xinghai Street Office West District held a communist demonstration hillock, integrity measurement demonstration booths, even bargain demonstration booth, environmental health, quality supervision, demonstration demonstration booth booth award ceremony in recognition of activities in the morning and Qu Yuan road.

in recognition and awarding activities, street party working committee, the office of the recognition of interest, market road morning Xing Hai Lu selected the Communist demonstration Lianqi Gang Wang measurement integrity demonstration booth Chen Shuanggui, even bargain Li Suocheng 13 comrades demonstration booth. Street Party committee secretary Comrade Liu Xiaoping made a speech, called on by the recognition of individual business households to cherish the honor, give full play to the exemplary role, drive more self-employed households to participate in the fair, honest, law-abiding business ranks, to become civilized people, is to build Xining into a beautiful environment, livable City and make their own contribution. (author: Jia Zhen Ma Zhanyu)

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