Xining City near the village of nearly a thousand villagers

upstairs downstairs, computer Yuba, the city people’s lives, will become a reality in our village." Pan Village, Xining villagers Liu Zhenxiang thought about the upcoming new life, can not help but happy, easy relocation project to help the poor, let us see new hope."

Pan village to Xining city about 10 kilometers, mostly mountain roads, traffic is very inconvenient, information blocking. All the year round, the villagers are mostly backer dinner, the villagers to see a doctor difficult, children go to school difficult, life is very difficult. In order to get rid of the village as soon as possible to get rid of the villagers, in 2010, the city government will be officially relocated to the village of poverty alleviation projects included in Xining, "12th Five-Year" plan.

According to reports,

easy to relocate the relocation project is located on the east side of the river, with a total construction area of 38336.03 square meters, construction cycle of 352 sets, the total investment reached $80 million. In March this year, the project has started construction, the project is expected to be delivered in mid November this year, a small high-level is expected to be delivered next year in August.

pan Zi Shan to resettle after the completion of the project, it will completely solve the 282 households, nearly a thousand villagers travel difficult, difficult, difficult children to school and other issues, the relocation of villagers’ production and living conditions have been improved obviously, and truly let the villagers get rich material life, spiritual life, rich "" cultural life rich ". (author: Gong chenbaifeng Zhang Hongliang)

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