Xining childhood myopia younger age who had

2012, Xining maternal and child health care center for the city’s 2564 children aged 3-6 for a visual examination and screening of amblyopia. Among them, the percentage of visual acuity was 17.52%, and the percentage of abnormal eye was as high as 9.58%. In recent years, this figure is increasing year by year in our city, and younger age more prominent……

coincidentally, the son of Mr. Huang although only 5 years old, but is really a "fan", every day as long as there is time will be holding a tablet computer to play games. Mr Wong told reporters: "we live in the yard truck, feel unsafe, also dare not let the children go out to play, but stay at home is holding a tablet computer to play games. A lot of friends around the children are like this, we are very worried about the child’s vision problems."

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