Xining Social Security Bureau to encourage primary and secondary school students to participate in m

students have always been the focus of medical insurance system for urban residents security, in order to improve the health of students and preventing the disease economic risk, to ensure students’ basic medical insurance rights, Xining Social Security Bureau, District Social Security Bureau and the Bureau of education at all levels will play on the insurance of primary and secondary school students to carry out thoroughly and ask this month, while actively handle insurance payment procedures for uninsured students.

it is understood that the number of primary and middle school students in Xining city in 2009 increased by nearly 20 thousand over the previous year, although the insurance rate increased significantly, but there are still some students did not participate in medical insurance for urban residents, medical treatment not only increased the economic burden of the family, but also let the children’s health can not be guaranteed.

Xining City Bureau of social security and medical insurance for urban residents, responsible person to remind parents to pay the insured medical insurance for urban residents in Xining city for third years as of April 30th this year, students have insured missed payment will affect the child to enjoy medical insurance benefits, hope the students parents pay as soon as possible.


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