Xining Public Security Bureau held a large group of summer events in 2008 advanced collective commen

10 9 am, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held in 2008 Summer Olympic Games and large-scale security work advanced collectives, advanced personal recognition of the general assembly.

Conference on the summer of 2008 and the activities of the Olympic Games to make outstanding contributions to the work of the 30 units and 150 individuals were commended.

since 2008, the Xining municipal public security organs at all levels resolutely implement the "ping an Olympics," the decision to deploy, to give the full force of the police, to ensure the stability of political and public security in Xining. In this field to strive for victory in the battle, all combatant commanders at all levels and keep in mind the political responsibility, dedication, hard work, Our wills unite like a fortress., CO writing "auspicious clouds into the plateau, the reflected glory; xiadou" witnessed "one dream, one world". All the hard work and outstanding achievements of the public security police have won the full recognition of the provincial government and the people, and has been highly appraised by the officials of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the Ministry of public security. At the same time, the majority of the police in the state with consistent consistent from beginning to end, the standard, the successful completion of the "Tulip Festival", "Green Fair", "the Lake Race" and other 230 major festivals, conferences, trade and cultural activities of the security tasks, and achieved the same wonderful Olympic Games, the same successful work target.

meeting hopes to be commended advanced collectives and advanced individuals to carry forward the achievements, and then set up a new power. And I hope all levels of public security organs and the police in Xining city advanced as an example, in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, actively respond to new requirements on the Xining public security of the party and the people’s new expectations, efforts to Olympic security success experience into the long-term mechanism and system, the great Olympic spirit into action to defend China characteristic socialism carry forward the fine style of work, not afraid of fatigue, continuous fighting, and vigorously promote the standardization of public security information construction, vigorously promote the construction of a harmonious relationship, and striving for the party assured satisfaction of the people, leading public security work.


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