National Central City economic operation will be held in Xining

In August 27th, sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Xining Municipal People’s Government of the forty-third National Center City economic operation will be held in Xining, representatives from the more than and 50 center city to participate in the meeting and discussion.

two days of the meeting, will carry out the analysis of the central city economic situation, industrial policy development, the theme of the exchange of research and the flag handover ceremony. Ministry of Party members, chief engineer Zhu Hong informed the city’s industrial economy of the central cities, the current situation of the industrial economy is facing new challenges and new. More than and 50 city, the person in charge of the Commission in conjunction with the actual situation, the future of industrial economic development ideas discussed and exchanged.

it is reported that Xining city relies on animal and plant resources, mineral resources and hydropower resources in Qinghai Tibetan Plateau rich, economic and social development has made great progress, already has a solid economic foundation, formed a complete industrial system. Last year, Xining city industrial added value of 35 billion 628 million yuan, an increase of 22.3%, accounting for 46.2% of the proportion of GDP in Xining city; urban residents per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income reached 15841.6 yuan and 6634 yuan, respectively, up 12.5% and 21.4%, to further improve the people’s happiness index. (author: Zhang Yun)


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