North District Construction Bureau to promote the work of learning to create a learning party organi

in order to further improve the construction of learning party organization, the bureau Party committee has always adhered to create a normal type of learning party organization as the basic requirements, to strengthen the construction of cultural soft power as the core, in order to improve the work of Party building and business development two, two not mistake as the goal. Bureau Party committee held a special meeting to study the deployment of the learning party organization activities, by Party Office specifically responsible for the organization and implementation of activities. The branch of the Party committee of the Party committee further unified the thought, enhanced the understanding, enhanced the study autonomy.
A, learning content and work practice. This year, the Bureau of Party cadres and workers, especially leading cadres to carry out "four get rid of the four reinforcement learning seminars, which get rid of old, rigid thinking, strengthen the sense of reform and innovation; to get rid of the status quo, enterprising ideas, strengthen the sense of urgency; get rid of work, afraid of responsibility attitude, strengthen the work responsibility a sense of service, do not speak; get rid of the concept of the supremacy of the interests of departments, strengthen the awareness of the situation. Update the concept in four to strengthen, and truly solve the problems through the study of the guiding ideology, to solve the problems through the study of the development of thinking, solve the problem of human resources through learning to solve practical problems by learning. With
three, extension activities to create a vector. To create activities as an opportunity to effectively strengthen the integrity of cultural education and style building. One is to carry out clean culture into organs, from the aspects of Party committees, middle-level cadres to carry out a series of "learning, thinking, low corruption, low cost, low-cost, practical tree Yang Lian" activities: education corruption, strengthen ideological immunity; reading thinking cost, establish a correct view of interests; the carrier transfer cost, create Lian Rong rot disgrace atmosphere; promote honest conversation, strengthen the legal concept; typical guide cheap, the establishment of advanced standards activities; Xing Lian, training and behavior; lectures grant cheap, cultivate noble personality. The two is to carry out the transformation of organ style activities. Good activities for the consolidation of a in-depth study, to further strengthen the construction of learning party organization in the Bureau of the party committees to carry out and improve the work style of activities. Solve six problems through activities". That resolution is not fine, the industry is not strong; solve the conservative, old ideas to solve the problem; floating, work style is not the real problem solving; not responsible, not as a problem; solve the lax discipline, and lax problems; solve the orders and prohibitions of the problem. Strengthen;

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