College entrance examination of environmental remediation emergency

2014 college entrance examination will be held on -9 June 7th, in order to give the candidates to create a good learning environment, and the rest of the examination, the provincial education department, the Public Security Department of housing and urban construction department, environmental protection department issued the "emergency notice on the college entrance exam environment comprehensive management work (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "strictly").

the "notice" requirements across the province organized the police into various test sites and surrounding areas a comprehensive investigation of security risks and security issues, during the examination to send special police force to strengthen the test centers around the traffic control and security patrol; during the college entrance examination, test centers around the road is closed to traffic or prohibit the car alarm. Public security departments on the eve of the college entrance examination need to apply for emergency resident identity card candidates should be given priority, priority card. All relevant departments should fully grasp the various factors affecting the college entrance examination and candidates, do a good job in preparing for emergencies. To strictly control the noise during the college entrance examination (June 7th 8 -9 18) prohibits construction work, to restore the normal construction until after the end of the entrance; affect the review and examination of the candidates of various types of construction noise complaints should be handled as urgent; all construction in violation of the provisions of the construction site, ordered to immediately stop the construction, if the circumstances are serious be punished.


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