To learn the party history and make good use of the Party Constitution

The afternoon of June 26th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, accompanied by city leaders Bi Xiaoning, Zhang Yonghai, in the west area of Yin Jia Zhuang Cun Cai Xiang Xi, medical community party branch in order to carry out the spirit of the tradition, practice the purpose of serving the masses "as the theme of the celebration of" 71 "activities, and on behalf of the municipal Party committee said greetings and bless to the city party organizations and Party members.

and grassroots party members to listen to the Red Army after the long march revolutionary history, Wang Jianjun stressed the need to learn history. The Communist Party of China is the core force leading our cause. Do a good job in China, the key lies in the party, the key in the people, the party is good, the country is good, the nation is good, so each party members have to do a model of learning history. To learn the history of the party is to find the spirit and the spirit of the party’s struggle, to find the purpose of serving the people and find the way to contribute to the party. Our party chooses the right to use energy. Whether it is the party’s leader, or the party’s cadres at all levels, are consciously practice the purpose of the party’s model, leading us to build a better society. To learn the history of the party, that is, to find ways to play a role in the history of the party, to find a better way to serve the people, so it is important to study the party history.

Wang Jianjun stressed the need to make good use of the constitution. Party constitution is the fundamental law of our party, like the Constitution and the law, is the most important standard to regulate each party’s words and deeds. In daily life, if the party’s words and deeds can be done in accordance with the requirements of the party constitution, that is a qualified party members. As a member of the Communist Party, to be selfless, each party to the hearts of the people in the highest position. Whether it is in the party, or not in the party, should conscientiously study, perform and make good use of the rights and obligations of the party constitution, in accordance with the requirements to do so, the strength of our party will be more condensed, can better play the leading role of the party, also can get the support of the masses. In the process of learning the party constitution and the party constitution, we must deal with the problem of public and private. In addition to the interests of the people of the Communist Party of China, there is no special interests of their own, only the good state of the party can be good, people will be more happy, more unity of the nationalities, which is the history of the Communist Party of china. In order to better future, every Party member must be in accordance with the requirements of the party constitution to perform their duties.

Wang Jianjun finally stressed that to be a good party member. Every member of the party is a banner, requiring each party members should play a leading role model. In the work, study and daily life, let people look like a party, do not compete with the people, strict with oneself. It is not easy to be a good party member, because it is not difficult to do a good deed, it is difficult to do a good thing for a lifetime. To listen to the party’s words and make due contributions to the people. Whether the rural Party members, or members of the city, choose to join the party, chose to take responsibility, the responsibility to play together, do a duty for a better Xining, for our city earnest work.


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