Qinghai flowers and American country music meet kite ditch

recently, Datong County held a "Qinghai · kite ditch Kangle travel camp; Datong · LAOYESHAN three voices trio concert" American carat vino village. The United States "Klein Vinod" Piano Trio band with Qinghai famous singer "flowers" together to create a international country music festival.

concert in the United States, the United States famous pianist Mr. Pan Xun clarinetist dooris · Ms. Ho Gulati, the famous American violinist Simon Mauer Mr. ensemble "square dance" song unfolds. Notes from a foreign country in the beautiful countryside in the east of the chase, beating the rhythm of the melody and the sound of the East gorge river, flying in the Beichuan River, echoed in the mountains. From the flowers of the town with its high pitched sounds, loud, melodious, melodious songs, let the audience to hear the song classic mountain, the Beichuan River, feel the long continuous sincere emotion. This is the first time the United States country music and Qinghai "flowers", is a perfect blend of chase and the pulse of the world, so that chase flowers to the world has taken an important step. Through the music bypass, to show the world a new image of a harmonious chase to the arts, so that the world to appreciate the new charm of cultural tourism. (author: Sun Yinsheng)


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