Spring Festival Golden Week market sales booming Xining sales reached 204 million yuan

February 21st, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, during the Spring Festival, the city’s consumer goods market adequate supply, prices are stable, showing a prospering situation, according to the monitoring statistics, February 6th (the twelfth lunar month twenty-three) to February 19th (at the beginning of the month is six), the city’s 12 large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets to achieve sales of 204 million yuan, an increase over the previous year 19%.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival this year, major shopping malls, supermarkets in order to attract customers, expand sales, to create a festive and convenient shopping environment, have in store decorated, set up special purchases for the Spring Festival Street ", extended Business Hours, sales accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods is increasing, leading consumption, leading the consumer role more obvious. According to monitoring, only a day in February 12th, Wangfujing department store will achieve sales of 7 million 100 thousand yuan, an increase of 74%; February 6th (the twelfth lunar month twenty-three) to February 19th (at the beginning of the month is six), Suning, Gome sales year-on-year growth of 48.5% and 52.8% respectively.

at the same time, during the festival, mass catering consumption into the mainstream. With the continuous growth of the city’s people’s income, the concept of the public dining is also changing, during the Spring Festival, many families in the restaurant and family and friends together, happy new year, catering market. According to monitoring, in February 13th (year thirty) to February 19th (the beginning of the six lunar month), 8 large and medium-sized catering enterprises in our city to achieve operating income 2 million 550 thousand yuan, an increase of 21.6%.

secondly, the proportion of public cultural and entertainment consumption continues to grow. During the Spring Festival, in addition to shopping, dining, health and leisure cultural consumption sought after by the public. Xinhua Bookstore, launched the book of the year of the tiger is thick, shopping send gifts, to give children the best gift and other activities, attracting a large number of parents with children choose books. At the same time, fitness, KTV and other ways of leisure is also popular with the public, family and friends to take advantage of the opportunity to relax together, release the pressure of work. In addition, some high-income families choose domestic travel or outbound tourism to celebrate the Spring Festival, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, leisure tourism has gradually become a new holiday consumption.


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