Xining west district this year will do 5 things grassroots party organizations

for the community with the work of Party building work of Party building to send camera equipment, typical and exemplary character to the coast convalescence holiday. This year, the city of Xining will be the area of grass-roots party organizations and the masses do 5 practical things.

West District Party Committee Organization Department to carry out the work of grassroots cadres to contact the masses to serve as grassroots work to promote a new round of grassroots organizations in the construction of a powerful starting point for the real situation. This year promised 5 things: to raise 100 thousand yuan for the camera equipment area of the community with the work of Party building, sending more than 20 typical models to the work of Party building and coastal areas convalescence holiday, to provide 100 thousand yuan of funds to support for the grassroots party building innovation projects for the region’s 20 communities, 13 village "two committees" members of the medical examination, invested 100 thousand yuan of funds for the hospital building work of Party branch, Party group and small family party building and other grassroots organizations. (author: Ma Zhanyu yuan Yuhong)

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