Xining area elderly day care center to achieve full coverage

since 2010, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the provincial capital Xining community elderly day care center project since the pilot, through the input level of welfare lottery 64 million 100 thousand yuan, 93 community elderly day care center built in the urban area of Xining, the provincial capital of Xining area to achieve full coverage of the old day care center.

according to statistics, the province’s 60 elderly people over the age of 563 thousand and 200, the number of elderly people in Xining city at the age of 60, more than 243 thousand people, the city empty nest families accounted for 49.7%, "421" type of family structure is becoming more common, resulting in smaller families, the empty nest and the aging of the population, the traditional family pension mode difficult to continue. Especially influenced by natural and geographical conditions and pension service facilities, I save a lot of pastoral staff in Xining after retirement pension, pension services in Xining area "input" enormous pressure.

in Xining a high degree of aging characteristics, the provincial Civil Affairs Department in Xining city in 2010 to start the construction of a pilot community elderly day care center for community projects, more than 60 years of pension difficulties of the elderly (aged, Empty Nester, disability, semi disabled elderly, special care for the elderly, low-income elderly etc.) provide catering, life care, rehabilitation care, entertainment, comfort and other pension services, which is suitable for the elderly "day nursery care and participate in activities at home a new mode of community home care services to enjoy family life.

provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the project construction, adhere to high standards started construction, each service center building area of not less than 150 square meters, with 10 beds above, within the life of the elderly, health care and rehabilitation services, entertainment and other service facilities and equipment in the operation process; take, free of charge, compensation and paid service combination, to provide personalized service for the elderly. At the same time, the county government’s annual operating expenses into each center of Xining city is not less than 20 thousand yuan, to the public and private construction under various forms of encouragement to do service. At the same time, the community elderly day care center housing ownership attribution, annual assessment bonus mechanism and service form and content to make innovative provisions. The provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Department of civil affairs in the future, will continue to increase the province elderly welfare facilities investment, pilot work to construction of Xining city community elderly day care center as the basis, summarize the experience, do the home-based care services "expansion" and "deepen" work, and gradually realize the Xining City, Golmud City, Delingha city community elderly day care center full coverage, and steadily to the province of other relatively dense population, good climatic conditions, a higher degree of community development promotion in the region, to promote the province’s home-based care services work to a new level, let the elderly live more affection, more dignified, more happy. (author: Meng Jun)


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