Responsibility for the removal site pollution control

this year, the city’s land acquisition demolition area is expected to about 4000000 square meters, most of them for the demolition project, dust pollution control situation is grim. Recently, the city real estate sector in 2014 to develop housing demolition site dust pollution control plan, clear the demolition site did not reach the standard of prevention and control are not allowed to open (complex), housing demolition must adopt mechanical removal, non local sale of construction waste; site dust pollution control implementation of the accountability system.

According to the

management plan, the relevant departments will be the first to carry out a comprehensive inspection before the demolition site open to return to work, focus on examination of the enclosure setting, construction waste removal and site dust sprinkler etc., did not reach the standard of prevention and control of the site are not allowed to open (complex), the construction unit and the demolition works must be awarded to qualified in the protocol level, clear dust pollution prevention special expenses, otherwise it shall not implement the demolition. Demolition of the housing must be taken to remove the demolition of the building is strictly prohibited to offset the cost of demolition, the site is strictly prohibited in the sale of construction waste.

It is reported that this year

, the demolition site dust pollution will strictly implement the record trial system, urban demolition demolition site weekly system, appraisal system and accountability system, the construction of the main department will intensify efforts to investigate, according to the filing procedures did not apply for the demolition demolition workers to be shut down; the demolition site dust dust measures ineffective, the rectification is not in place were shut down for rectification and punishment.

March 11th, the city real estate department held the first joint meeting of the demolition site dust pollution control requirements of the District Construction Bureau of demolition site inspection found in the process of handling dense mesh covering the demolition site is damaged, missing, timely supervise the demolition unit repair coverage, must not implement rectification work stoppage demolition site dust control measures.


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