Shop to create a good brand can provide intimate service

in order to make the brand of the shop more loudly, the reputation of the shop is bigger, and now many shop owners are constantly working hard. In fact, to create a brand brand this is there are many ways to be mastered, one of which is for customers to provide a thoughtful service, that is able to obtain more customers and make sure the store brand more and more.

retail store how to create a big brand? I think the operation of the brand is to provide customers with attentive service, so that they feel comfortable is the most basic conditions. This is our business as a manager to establish the image of business, improve the competitiveness of the fundamental. In today’s highly competitive retail market, in order to be unique, it is necessary to have their own characteristics, there is a place worthy of consumers.

I personally think that retail competition between stores, is a kind of service competition, only in their own soft power investment efforts, not afraid of hardship, but can not ignore the details, provide some value-added services for customers, to bring you the brand tree. There are a lot of customers who say that I have a good service here and would like to come to my shop.

what service? I think it is for the sake of customers, to be willing to make their own losses, you want to go to the customer’s clever, you say your business can do well? To establish a good reputation? Is to establish a brand is a bad brand, bad impression. There’s nothing to do with this business.

in order to improve their competitive strength, from the beginning of a shop, I implemented door-to-door service. So although we spend the cost, also wasted a lot of time, but the effect is still good, sometimes, the people want the goods delivered, I can help them to move home, is the real home delivery, now I shop customers basically very stable, many are many years of dealings with old friends the.

is because has been adhering to the very high quality of service, so that the store business is more stable, more and more popular. At present this street dozens of restaurants, wine is basically from me in, usually a phone, I can put them in a timely manner to send in the past, a lot of the boss of the restaurant and my relationship is "iron".

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